The New Toy Soldiers Sends G.I. Joe Action Figures To War!

The New Toy Soldiers Sends G.I. Joe Action Figures To War!

The warfare of Xbox Live Arcade hit Toy Soldiers advances ever closer to the modern era with Toy Soldiers: Cold War, a battle between action figures from the 1980’s. Leaving the grim battles of World War I behind, Cold War pits Rambo toys and canon fodder with a kung-fu grip against a Red Menace.

The change from the Great War to the Cold War will bring with it new modern vehicles, tanks, helicopters, fighter jets and ATVs. Players can control AC-130 gun ships, B-52 bombers and call in nuclear strikes in this battle of the superpowers. Grenade launchers! Flame throwers! We could keep going!

Developer Signal Studios is also introducing a new cooperative multiplayer mode, mini-games and more in Toy Soldiers: Cold War, a game we’re guessing is coming sooner rather than later. (We’re basing that on the fact that the game will be playable for the first time at PAX East this weekend.)

If you’re one of the 500,000 people who played Toy Soldiers on Xbox Live Arcade, you’re probably pretty excited about this. If you’re not, maybe you should read our look back at the game or consider buying the just-announced PC version, due by this summer.






    /furiously faps etc

    Toy Soldiers is the greatest download exlcusive game yet in the entire world, and the greatest WWI game ever made.

    Manly tears of joy. I’m only concerned

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