The Next Game From Bethesda Softworks Is... Prey 2?

Looks like Bethesda Softworks is set to officially reveal Prey 2, sequel to the 2006 first-person shooter that was heavy on gravity-flipping gameplay, Native American lore and alien killin'. French gaming magazine Joystick may give our first look at the Bethesda-published game.

The existence of another Prey game is certainly no secret. Developer Human Head Studios was reportedly working on the game under the watch of the Radar Group. But that was before Bethesda Softworks' parent company Zenimax Media snapped up the rights to the game which was formerly a 3D Realms and 2K Games property.

Bethesda has a shooter-heavy product slate in 2011, with Brink, Hunted: The Demon's Forge and id Software's Rage planned for release this year. A 2012 release date for Prey 2 doesn't seem unreasonable.

No concrete details yet or confirmation from Bethesda that Prey 2 is on the way, but if this Joystick mag cover is accurate, guns will be pointed at alien faces in something named Prey 2. We'll update if Bethsoft reps respond.

Joystick va bientôt parler de Prey 2 [No Frag]


    Seems all of the 3DRealms IPs are being resurrected now. A shame the studio couldn't hold out long enough to deliver them personally. Does this mean Shadow Warrior will be next?

      Oh yes, please; Shadow Warrior!

      Shadow Warrior was amazing, not sure how well it would translate to modern gaming, I guess Duke Nukem Forever will give us a good idea.

      New Shadow Warrior would be awesome!!!

    Sounds good, I really enjoyed the first game. I think it was watching Star Trek Voyager that gave me an appreciation for pseudo-Native American spirituality...

    The first game was pretty damn awesome, in fact for me it was just a native American version of Duke Nukem. I loved the Art Bell Coast to Coast AM radio within the game, that was like a second coat of icing on an already delicious cake.

    Duke Nukem Forever and Prey 2 on the same magazine cover. 6 years ago I would have pissed myself laughing if someone told me I'd be seeing that in 2011.

    I'm very glad the franchise isn't dead. I thought Prey was an awesome throwback shooter, and the art design was great.

    I really hope that Human Head are still working on it, I've enjoyed every game they've ever made - I'm a lifelong RUNE fan.

    Cool! Prey was a great game. I still remember the first scene where the roof is ripped off the cafe by the alien ship! And also, it did Portals BEFORE Portal!

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