The Nintendo 3DS May Not Like Your Face, Hipsters

Your facial hair, your glasses and your bangs may interfere with the Nintendo 3DS's ability to recognise your face, potentially bad news for the scruffy hipsters and the long-haired four-eyed nerds among us. That's just one of the (relatively minor) warnings included in English language 3DS instruction manual.

While not as entertaining as Japan's Nintendo 3DS instruction manual, the North American version that arrived at Kotaku today explains the potentially picky nature of the system's built-in cameras.

It doesn't like bangs covering your eyebrows, nor does it like it when you wear glasses, both key to facial recognition. The colour of your hair or beard may be an issue, as are "facial and hair decorations," like forehead tattoos, septum piercings and... I don't know... banana clips?

We're in the process of putting the Nintendo 3DS through its paces and will test our faces against its facial recognition software over the coming weeks.


    Please o please send us pictures of you guys trying the facial recognition out with false
    moustaches & beards!!

    I hope that will be changed to refer to the fringe instead of bangs outside the US.
    Anyone taking bets on whether they will.

      I'm so glad you posted that because I was scratching my head over what a bang was.

      Yeah ditto here too.....
      Have never in my life heard the word "bang" used like that before..... Oo

        I hate to point out the obvious here, but it's a chick thing.

        You won't know what bangs are unless you have them. There's a word for guys with bangs, and it isn't very nice.

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