The Old Republic's Bounty Hunter Doesn't Shoot First

Was Boba Fett a Powertech or a Mercenary? BioWare has updated its Star Wars: The Old Republic page with everything you need to know about Bounty Hunters, the class Empire players will turn to once they're done waving lightsabers around.

Star Wars: The Old Republic will allow bounty hunter hopefuls to don the distinctive armour and utilise the high-tech weaponry that made Boba Fett what he was several thousand years in the future. Apparently not a lot has changed technologically between The Old Republic and trilogy time. They've still got jet packs. They're still freezing people with Carbonite. The only thing missing is teleporters.

Sorry, that's Star Trek.

The Old Republic will let you live out your own unique Bounty Hunter experience, as long as you don't mind flying the same ship as all of the other hunters (the Kuat Drive Yards D5-Mantis Patrol Craft) and sharing the same spunky Nar Shaddaan orphan computer hacking prodigy as your sidekick.

Other than that, and the fact that you'll be sharing a similar overall storyline, the experience will be completely your own.

Bounty Hunter Report [Star Wars: The Old Republic]


    And you've pointed out exactly why a story-heavy MMO is a poor idea; everyone shares the same story.

    Emergent gameplay and procedural AI are really what Bioware should have shot for :\

    Was the snarky tone really necessary?

    Probably the least impressive player class thus far. They're obviously trying to make a Boba Fett clone, but he has WoW clown armour.

    What do you mean 'doesn't' shoot first? I'm sure this BH does!

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