The Other Future Of Video Game Graphics Looks Just Lovely

The Other Future Of Video Game Graphics Looks Just Lovely

We don’t know what the future of video games will look like. Nobody knows the future! Not even Epic. But we can speculate, and that lets us speculate that it’ll look a lot like this.

This is the latest trailer for Crytek’s CryEngine 3, the upcoming, new and improved version of the engine that powers the Crysis series. While previous trailers we’ve seen look good, this one looks better than good.

Hope you like your next-next-gen cars shiny.


  • Looks good. Not quite photorealistic, but it’s approaching that point. Very nice lighting – they should feel particularly proud about that.

    But the thing is – will people use it? The Unreal Engine was widely adopted because it was relatively easy to use and modify. This engine must succeed as a tool just as much as a creator of nice graphics. If it’s not easy to use, or if it’s too expensive, it’ll end up like the CryEngine 2 – in other words, barely used.

    I do hope engines like CryEngine 3 are adopted – the Unreal Engine is approaching the end of its life (unless it gets a substantial upgrade).

    I would also hazard a guess and predict that genuine, real-time, photorealistic, can’t-tell-it’s-not-real graphics are only 35-40 years away! See you all then.

  • The quality of graphics mean nothing if you don’t have the animation to back it up. That’s what I think a lot of people arn’t realizing. Look at the witcher 2. In stills it looks amazing but as soon as he starts walking around and fighting it looks like any other generic action rpg cause the animation isn’t the same quality as everything else.

  • Funny that this looks absolutely nothing like their PC demo.
    Crysis 2 demo barely rivals high quality in the original crysis, what’s going on Crytek.

  • The girl at the start doesn’t have the dappled lighting affecting her and the rubber on the tyres looks pretty average. The Crysis nano suit also looked pretty naff. Everything else is pretty sweet.

    I know this is an improvement but it looks like it’s focused on certain areas. As if some materials are not quite as impressive as others.

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