The Perfect Dark That (Thankfully) Never Was

There was another Perfect Dark game in development at one point, a follow-up to Xbox 360 launch game Perfect Dark Zero that would have been a "more realistic", seemingly grittier version of Rare's first-person shooter.

Unseen 64 offers our first look at Perfect Dark Core, a prototype project that never really seemed to take off at Goldeneye and Banjo Kazooie developer Rare. This Perfect Dark would have featured extended melee attacks and a grimier looking Joanna Dark. At some point in development, according to Unseen 64, Joanna was dropped in favour of a male lead. The game then evolved into some sort of proposed mech-based shooter.

Concept art and early animation of Perfect Dark Core and its spin-offs are available at Unseen 64, should you have a keen interest in looking at the remains of this game.

Perfect Dark Core [Xbox 360 - Cancelled / Prototype] [Unseen 64]


    I miss when Rare was an awesome developer.

    Seriously, change your name you goddamn hacks and stop making crappy new entries to classic franchises.

    Thankfully we have the XBLA updated version to make up for it!

      And even more thankfully Rare was kept away from touching it.

    So Joanna Dark became Joe Dark became Joe Mechwarrior??


    Well, as lame as it sounds, could it really have been worse than PDZ?

      Exactly what I was thinking. I don't think that game could have been much more disappointing.

      I hear ya. I never played the original at all, but when I played PDZ and read the hype about the original, I thought, 'Is this even the same franchise?!?!'

      Thought that too. I couldn't even get past the second level it was so mind-numblingly terrible.

    I'm sure this will happen one day, everything is getting Dudebro'd at the moment... give it time...

    Oh god, no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no.

    The grittiness was her looking like a junkie?

      I wish I could make millions of dollars videoing the local junkie holding a big gun. At the moment all she does is stumble around the streets trying to pretend she isn't huffing the can of spray paint hidden up the sleeve of her hoodie.

      I suppose in many ways she is a metaphor for the level rare has sunk to since leaving the shelter of the big N.

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