The Pixel Mural With 5760 Artists

Game Developer Conference attendees this week were asked to use a single pieces of square paper to help recreate an 2.4m by 6m mural by illustrator Jude Buffman.

The 5760 squares represented the pixels of the bit art. Seen here on Friday afternoon, it looks like the show and its developers delivered.


    Holy crap! Is that a cowboy with a jetpack shooting a dragon over a bridge, also a giant ninja?! That's the coolest thing I've seen all day.

    Dragons, swords and guns. Exactly what games need to grow up and move on from.


        5footassasin was wanting accountant the game. Or drive through congested traffic for an hour.

          Drive Through Congested Traffic for an Hour: The Game?

          Thought that was released here under the title "Grand Theft Auto IV"?

            haha remember The Getaway? That game was awesome but god it was painful driving realistically slow cars through realistically narrow congested London streets! Then again maybe it was just 5fps :D


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