The Secret World Takes You On A Terrifying Trip Around The Globe

Funcom takes us from New York to Egypt to do battle with everything from demons to dinosaurs in the epic Game Developers Conference trailer for its upcoming modern day supernatural MMO.

In The Secret World Earth is Funcom's playground. Setting a massively multiplayer online game on a modern day version of our own planet gives the developer access to countless real-world locations, while the theme of dark supernatural forces lurking just out-of-sight allows them ample opportunity to populate those places with the strangest creatures imaginable.

For more on the upcoming game, visit the newly re-launched website for The Secret World.


    Last I heard this game wasn't going ahead?

    I looked it up a couple of years ago and found a decent website, but then it disappeared without much explanation.

    Glad to see its still coming, even though gameplay looked a bit meh last time i checked it out.

    I just can't trust a Funcom mmo after that crap called Age of Conan.

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