The Sequel That Is Forgoing The 3DS For The Nintendo DS

The Sequel That Is Forgoing The 3DS For The Nintendo DS

This weekend, the Nintendo 3DS will be released in the West. That means that the product will be available at home in Japan and abroad. That doesn’t mean game studios are only releasing new 3DS games. The DS is still getting love, too.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 is headed to the Nintendo DS this summer. This game isn’t the Devil Survivor port that is heading to the 3DS, Devil Survivor: Overclocked, but a straight up sequel bound for the DS.

The images of its gameplay look akin to the first Devil Survivor, but there is a new “bond” gameplay system that seems to be based on relations and interaction. The game follows a third-year high school student, classmate Daichi and bob-haired Io. In Devil Survivor 2, Tokyo is suddenly attacked by a mysterious invader called “Septentrion” one Sunday. A band of 13 demons have only seven days to save Japan.

With so many DS owners, releasing games on the DS still makes a great deal of sense. The handheld could have a lifespan as long as the PS2’s if developers continue to support it with new titles.

Devil Survivor 2 will be on the DS this (northern) summer.


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