The Week In Gaming Apps

Kart racers, panda launchers and shuriken dodgers lead this week's mobile games for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. There's even a non-game on this week's list of gaming apps, thanks to the official PlayStation Network app for iOS and Android phones.

Let's catch up on all the games we played on our phones this week right now.

I Can't Stop Playing Collision Effect, Can You?

I'm the guy on the subway who is playing Collision Effect. I used to be the guy on the subway playing Drop 7. (Everyone else is playing Angry Birds.) Since I downloaded Collision Effect a couple of weeks ago, it has been my iPhone obsession.

Put The PSN In Your Pocket With An Official PlayStation App

Microsoft and Nintendo do not, for various reasons, want to release official applications on the iPhone or Android platforms. Sony, thankfully, has no such qualms.

Ring Blade Welcomes You to Shuriken Hell

After a seven-level warmup with Ring Blade, a bullet-hell shooter with a twist, I found my right index finger getting that weird burning-inside/cold-to-the-touch feeling. It's a good thing, I think.

Land-A Panda Is A Cannon-Based Cure For The Common Sad Panda

Any zoologist will tell you that panda breeding is a delicate operation. It requires setting the right mood, making sure the two pandas are a good match, and shooting one of them out of multiple cannons until he lands next to his mate.

KartRider Rush Is a Fun, Free Mario Kart for your iPhone

KartRider is a web-game phenomenon, played by more than 200 million players, including a third of South Korea. So how is it on the iPhone? Pretty great.


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