The Wii Is History To Electronic Arts

EA Games boss Frank Gibeau has called the Wii a "legacy platform". In other words, an old console. Something that goes next to the PS2 section. Ouch.


    Many gamers call him the spawn of Satan.

    Turns out he's just an idiot.

      How many games are you buying for your wii this year Andy? Not being a Zelda fan I'm getting zero.

        We got a new TV a few months back... so far I haven't had any reason whatsoever to hook the Wii up to it. So it's just sitting there gathering dust. Which is pretty much all it was doing BEFORE we got the new TV, but at back then it was at least connected to a TV, creating the potential that it might get played.

    Pfft, stick to wat you know EA. Like your tug of war with Acrivision and delivering underwhelming titles:)

      Aarrgghh couldnt stop this post in time! Sorry guys

    Pfft, stick to wat you know EA. Like your tug of war with Activision and delivering underwhelming titles:)

      Haha thanks.

    When was the last time EA made a good game anyway? I mean actually made one, not just publishing somebody else's good game.

    i kinda feel the same to be honest.

    i got a wii, and i buy a game every now and then (super mario galaxy 2, donkey kong) but hardly play them compared to my x360.

    I have all the platforms. My Wii gets the least use.

    Tons of potential. But tons upon tons of shovelwear.

    That, plus Nintendo cancelled Fatal Frame 4's EU/PAL release.

    The platform is great for casual gamers, retro gamers and fans of Nintendo's franchises. But other than that... yeah, its not the best choice for other demographics.

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