There's A Half-Minute Hero Coming That's Super Mega Neo

The excellent Half-Minute Hero, a mix of role-playing, side-scrolling shooting and strategy, all delivered in short bursts, looks like it's making the leap from PlayStation Portable to Xbox 360.

Australia's ratings board seems to have let slip the existence of Half-Minute Hero - Super Mega Neo Climax a bit earlier than expected. With a name like Super Mega Neo Climax, we're going to expect a serious amount of 16-bit action in this version.

Marvelous Entertainment is listed as the game's developer, with Microsoft pulling publishing duties. So maybe this is an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive? Nothing's official yet, but we're checking in with Microsoft and Marvelous.



    I absolutely loved the first title and will be picking up the sequel day one.

    Hell yes. I am very excited :D

    Also, PSP-exclusive anything makes me cry.

    I have no idea what this is, but it looks damn cute!! I'll be looking in to it for sure! :)

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