There's A Little Bit Of X-Com In This Ghost Recon Game

The new Xcom game isn't really X-Com at all. There's no turns and certainly no isometric combat. For those upset about this, maybe you should look into, of all things, a Ghost Recon game for the 3DS.

Why? Because Ghost Recon Shadow Wars is being made by the same man who created the X-Com series: Julian Gollop. Heck, this clip even features narration by Gollop himself, going over how Shadow Wars - which is a top-down, turn-based strategy game, just like X-Com - might be one of the surprise hits of the 3DS' launch window lineup.

Granted, given the quality of games it's going up against that's not the hardest thing in the world to accomplish, but the crummy 3DS launch lineup isn't this game's fault!

Shadow Wars will be out on the same day the 3DS launches, which is March 25 for Europe and March 27 for North America.


    I just picked this game up (in US so no 3ds console in hand yet). I am a big GR fan but I don't know the turn based genre. I just read the manual to this game and there is no gamePLAY instruction. Any help on this? Tutorial in game?? Any hope for a review soon? I have watched the walkthru.

    That could fill the gap that X-Com has left in my life, looks really cool!

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