There's A New Mike Tyson Boxing Game, And Nintendo Isn't Invited

In 1987, Mike Tyson starred in Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, a Nintendo boxing game that featured over-the-shoulder pugilism. Now, in 2011, Mike Tyson stars in Mike Tyson - Main Event, a boxing game that features over-the-shoulder pugilism. Only now, there's no Nintendo.

This new game is made by RockLive, and is, yes, a Punch-Out clone for the iPhone. Which is free. As a game, it's not that great. It's better as an advertisement for the documentary "Taking On Tyson", if its splash ads are anything to go by. But well done getting Mike Tyson himself to appear in the commercial. It somehow gives the game a sense of legitimacy that must surely be giving Nintendo's lawyers a case of the ol' red mist.


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