There's A Second Penny Arcade Game (Only This One's For Tables)

I've never been the biggest fan of Penny Arcade's "spin-off" works, but the recent Lookouts comic series (or at least attempt) was awesome. So it's even more awesome to hear that the fantasy world is getting its own "hybrid role playing and board game experience".

Here's the synopsis from the game's creators, Cryptozoic Entertainment:

The Lookouts is a fantasy world from the minds of Penny Arcade that tells the story of a magical world with a menacing forest, the Eyrewood. There are few human settlements, so the people must learn to live in harmony with the forest. Young boys must join the Lookouts and be taught the ways of the forest.

With this hybrid role playing and board game, you can make your own Lookouts character and experience the magic of the Eyrewood forest. Each player will gain abilities and skills based on the merit badges they earn, becoming more powerful as they cross difficult terrain, face menacing creatures and encounter other challenges. Do you have what it takes to survive?

The only other details present at the moment are that it's for up to six players, and a round normally takes about an hour to complete.

[The Lookouts]


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