These Are The Least Favorite Pokémons

With the fifth generation of Pokémon monsters introduced (in North America) earlier this month, the bestiary is up to nearly 650. That's a lot of Pokémons, and it figures not every one of them is recognised as much as, say, Charmander, Snivy, Pikachu and, yes, Mudkip.

A series of five surveys, four with extremely large sample sizes - more than one million have taken the Generation I recognition quiz on Sporcle, have effectively pegged the least recognisable Pokémons. Generation V has been taken 1,976 times, the least of all five. But according to the results, these are the five most-forgotten Pokémons across all five generations, in descending order:

Generation I: Marowak, 36.7 percent; Kingler, 35.4 percent; Lickitung, 33.7 percent; Exeggcute, 31.4 percent; Exeggutor, 31.1 percent.

Generation II: Slugma, 37.1 percent; Shuckle, 35.9 percent; Magcargo, 34.3 percent; Qwilfish, 34 percent; Corsola, 33.9 percent.

Generation III: Chimecho, 41.3 percent; Crawdaunt, 41.1 percent; Corphish, 41.1 percent; Whiscash;, 39.2 percent; Barboach, 38.8 percent.

Generation IV: Finneon, 38.1 percent; Lumineon, 37.9 percent; Chingling, 37.4 percent; Chatot, 37.1 percent; Mantyke, 36 percent.

Generation V: Accelgor, 20.6 percent; Stunfisk, 20.5 percent; Elgyem, 17.7 percent; Amoonguss, 16.6 percent; Beheeyem, 15.6 percent.

Accounting for Generation V's low scores being because the game is so new in the West, it's still pretty good when your least recognisable characters are still recognised by 300,000 out of a million people.

It's also a little funny that Exeggutor is the least recognised out of the oldest generation. Tsunekazu Ishihara, president and CEO of The Pokémon Company, said in 2000 that Exeggutor was his favorite. "That's because I was always using this character while I was debugging the program."

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    It's a little odd.
    Crawdaunt is known to be a solid sweeper due to its dark/water combo, and Chatot has a frequent amount of screen time when playing Mystery Dungeon.
    Oh well. ily pokeymans~

      I would say only half of the people who play pokemon play it competitively and even less people actually played Mystery Dungeon. :S

      You pretty much described activities that 90% of the ‘normal’ Pokemon fans never dabble in. I’m sure some of these will be popular for the niche min-maxers out there...

      But the list makes sense. Hell, the further I went down the generations, the less I remembered at all. It makes sense when your franchise has been running on empty for the last decade yet need more generic Pokemon inflate the stable.

      Hence every game gets their entirely forgettable and crappy Normal Rodent/Flying little bird Bird/Bug Caterpillar type Pokemon. Even the starters are beginning to suffer from this. Just how many lizard grass types have we had?

    Marowak, really? I spose that might be more of a case of people misspelling it rather than actually forgetting it's name.

    I'm surprised by Exeggcute and Exeggutor as they featured heavily in one episode of seaosn one. Doesn't sound like much, but should be enough for most poke'fans to remember them by.

    PS my least favourite Pokemon is .... Mr Mime!!! Grrrr >:(

      OMG, I hate Mr Mime too!

    Surprised about Kingler and Corphish (moreso Corphish than Kingler). Seeing as they appeared in the anime quite a bit, I would've thought they would be more recognisable. Then again, I guess you don't need to watch the show to play the game.

    I would be interested to see the stats split further - 90% of these will be people who play the game and find a pokemon useful, as well as appealing. Smeagle is pretty cool, but not exactly amazing in normal play, for example.

    So I wonder how it splits when you remove gameplay, stats, etc and just have "Which one sounds most awesome?". Kind of like a who's cooler, not who's stronger contest.

    That said, I'm so loving Liligant, and Tropilus was awesome. Soft spot for Seel, Noctowl and Ariados too, and with exception to Suicune, mostly dislike for legendaries, though the idea of mew/mewtwo was cool(didn't like them specifically though)

    Corsola is no surprise - it doesn't evolve into anything, and it's only worth getting for that pokedex completion.

    I wish I could forget Probopass ever existed.

      Ditto (no pun intended). Him and his Jewish evolution form are the worst Pokemon designs EVER.


    Strange. Exeggutor was actually very very good competitive-wise in the first generation, and yeah, featured quite heavily in the tv show and movies.

      I'm Quite surprised to of Exeggcute, Exeggutor.

      as they were in your rivals team(if you didn't take blastoies at the start.) though one hard thing about this quiz for me when i did it was spelling, perhaps with it's weird spelling it was hard for people to type in not remember.

    Shuckle was an awesome troll pokemon, unless silly high defense.

    As you go on in the generations, the Pokemon names start to sound less like names and more like random sounds strung together.

    from the list, majority look like you need to go out of your way to get or evolve (i.e. chimecho, marcargo) thus would indicate that many do not aim at completeing the dexes (Then again who does nowaday?)

    Accelegor didn't make the cut for my Bug-type team in White 8) /cool

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