These Video Game Nebulae Could Rival Reality

Eve Online is a game made famous by many things: Its passionate followers, its epic space wars, its impact on the economy of the real Iceland and it's wondrous glimpses of outer space in a game.

Last week fans from around the world gathered in Reykjavík, Iceland to hear about the future of the online game they love, check out some starship turrets and glimpse the coming of a few amazing nebulae.


The Future

Comments some dude with shaved hair apparently hired mercenaries to do something then incinerated them with some massive cannon he had all along?

      If you opened up a newspaper a few days after that event, you may see "a group of insurgents attacked a base with in an apparent suicide attack" instead.....^_^

      When you want something you send in troops... when you don't you bomb the hell out of it.

      (Example: Libya)

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