This Game Is From The Future. THERE'S NO TIME TO EXPLAIN.

Tiny Build Games, a small indie team, is working on a platformer called No Time To Explain. And it looks amazing.

Using the same gun to both jump and shoot looks neat, sure, but I just like that voice acting. Having an art style that looks like something Dan Paladin (of Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers fame) would come up with helps, too.

No Time To Explain will be out on PC and Mac this (northern) summer. As for other platforms, the developers say that cash from sales on those pioneering platforms will be put towards making versions for Xbox Live Arcade, the PlayStation Network and even Linux!

[via IndieGames]


    Don't forget to mention that it's based on a flash game of the same name, which I'm pretty sure was one of the timewasters here a while back...

    there's also the short flashgame version of this:

    If you enjoy the quirky mechanic of using a gun to help jump, check out Cave Story.
    Not only is it a truly brilliant metroid style game, the guns get very interesting after a couple of upgrades, for instance the machine gun becomes so powerful it basically becomes a jetpack when shot at the ground.

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