This Halo Toy Is Totally Making Fun Of 2001's Graphics

Toy company McFarlane will in September be releasing a figure commemorating the tenth anniversary of the Halo series. And if you think a lot has changed in those 10 years, you are right.

Rather than take the design of Master Chief from promotional or concept art, somebody made the brilliant decision to base the figure on the first Halo's in-game appearance.

Meaning this guy is polygonal. Even his visor and helmet are blocky.

I haven't picked up a Halo figure in a long time, but a gag like this may be too good to pass up.

[via TNI]


    Eh but software softened the light bouncing of the edges so it looked smoother. It's not like the newer MC model in-game in the recent ones are high-res.

      Well, fun fact, the model used for Master Chief in Halo: CE had more tris than that used in Halo 2. Number 2 just had extensive use of bump mapping.

        I did not know that.

          I got a couple of bumps you can map right here!!!

        That is actually kind of surprising. You must be able to do a lot with bump mapping.

    That's really cool!

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