This Is How Assassin's Creed Was Meant To Be Played

The Glorious PC Master Race believe themselves a superior class of gamer because of stuff like this. And really, when you see it, you can't blame them.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood may have been released late on the PC, but there are certain benefits to be had playing it on a personal computer. Like being able to string three displays together and have the thing running at an eye-straining 5760x1080 resolution.

There's not a single movie epic enough to warrant such a ridiculous display. Ben Hur, the widest mainstream cinema release of all time, was "only" shot in 2.93:1 (while this is around 5.3:1).

So Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, take a bow. You are officially Bigger Than Ben Hur.

[via Reddit]


    "Glorious PC Master Race believe themselves a superior class of gamer"

    Ohi! I am a PC gamer and I do not think I'm superior for playing with massive res/screens. Bye!

      Of course SOMEBODY just HAD to make a comment on this.

    2 LCD TV's and a Plasma with HDMI ports, let the setup begin to the greatest viewing my eyes will ever experience

      Tvs have a lower resolution than monitors, wouldn't be as sexy, still look good though

        In this case, you could actually achieve the same resolution since it's running at 1080 vertical pixels on the PC - the same as a standard Full HD TV.

          still has to run off a PC as opposed to a console anyways, since a console is most likely doing some nasty scale work

    meh doesn't make me feel proud

    Should I *want* insane perspective distortion on 50% of my screen? :)

    it's not doing much for me. feels like it's taking too much attention away from the subject and the action for me to appreciate it.

    Eyefinity is nothing new, I've been running for a year now using a HD5850.. I play all my games in 5040x1050 - 3x 22"

    A lot of engines don't support it natively and you end up with cropped menus etc.. that said its worth it for the games that do support it and its great having all that desktop screen real estate..

      Totally agree. Just picked my 3 22inch Samsungs for less than $159... then figured I needed the active display port adaptor as well.. But all worth it. Can't wait to play NFS-Shift-2 on this baby.

    and here's me with my xbox 360 and my standard def tv. guess ill just have to worry about enjoying a fun game.

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