This Is What Batman: Arkham City Actually Looks Like

We've seen the impressive Batman: Arkham City in motion, thanks to an extended demo that shows off the caped crusader's new dive bombing, wall-punching tricks. Now it's your chance to (maybe) be impressed by Arkham City's gameplay.



    It looks good, makes me wonder what the choppers are for other than "RUN! GRAPPLE THE CHOPPER" jokes.

    Also, what is that song in the background? I want it.

      The Heavy- Short Change Hero

    Quite nervous, not sure if they can surpass AA, and hope they do not fall short of it.

    Hell yeah - looks amazing.
    Like Portal2 and LA Noire, as excited as I am for this game, now that I have seen a real gameplay snippet I won't be looking at anything until I have it in my hands. Nowadays there is so much buildup you risk losing wow factor when playing these AAA titles.
    I want to experience these games with the controller in my hand.

    It looks like an awesomeR version of spider man and prototype combined with the gritty feel dirt and mud.
    Scrap that. This game looks throughly enjoyable!

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