This Nintendo Mii Is As Big As A Giant Robot

This Nintendo Mii Is As Big As A Giant Robot

So French men can make a Mario as big as a human? Pffft. Japanese men can make a Mii as big as Gigantor.

The giant robot you see in the above video is known in the West as Gigantor. Or, as he is known in his native Japan, Tetsujin 28-go. A fairly popular anime series in both markets, this 1:1 statue was recently built in the city of Kobe as a memorial of sorts to the devastating earthquake the city suffered in 1995.

At 18m, he really is a giant robot. Making the Nintendo Mii generated next to him on an enormous AR card surely the biggest the world has ever seen.

Until next week, anyway, when someone ties sixteen barges together off the Statue of Liberty and generates a Samus so big she could dancer her arse off to Jackie WIlson.

[via Tiny Cartridge]


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