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Despite the fact that the original Dragon Age sits, accusingly, atop my ever-increasing pile of shame, even I have to admit that Bioware's sequel is the big kahoona burger of this week's releases. Pokemon Black and White is another big 'un, striding across the handheld landscape like a Bulbasaur Colossus, saying nothing but his name. Repeatedly.

Maybe it's finally time to break my Dragon Age duck - what say thee? Should I bother with the original or jump straight in to the sequel?

Deathsmiles (360) What is it? A 2D shooter that has taken ages to come out in Australia. Should you care? It's pretty nifty, but niche. Great for fans of twitchy arcade shooters.

Dragon Age 2 (360/PS3/PC) What is it? The sequel to the game that had a name that made it sound like a prequel. (I'm pretty sure the sentence police will be after me for that one.) Should you care? Verily.

Hidden Mystery Titanic (Wii) What is it? No idea. Should you care? I couldn't even care long enough to Google this and find out what the hell it was about.

Nail'd (360/PS3) What is it? Quad bike racing game with a mad focus on speed. Should you care? I remember thinking this was alright when it was shown to me a while back. Alright. Not brilliant.

Pokemon Black and White (DS) What is it? Having run out of colours to sell, Nintendo has resorted to the non-colours black and white to pimp their wares. Should you care? Haven't had the chance to check it out yet, but I'm sure it's dandy.

Yoostar 2: In the Movies (360/PS3) What is it? Blah blah blah, thing about movies. Should you care? Blah blah blah. Make of that what you will.


    Yes DA:O is worth playing. After having done the demo of DA2, not much has changed graphics wise from the original and it would stand up against the new offering. The storyline was epic, very worth playing.

      so i'm thinking about trying the first Dragon Age - is there any reason for me to think it is a fantasy equivalent of Mass Effect, in terms of experience/immersion (i'm a mad keen ME fan, btw)?

        Yes and no. Did you ever play Baldur's Gate? It's more like that but with a Mass Effect-ish style. It's still a sword&sorcery "rolling the dice" game at heart.

        It's still totally awesome though.

        Definately worth playing in that case. I found ME2 abit more of a FPS with RPG elements. DA:O is an RPG with first person elements. Either way, sub $50 from your nearest bargain bin, it's worth it.

        Thats pretty much exactly what it is, minus a couple of points on the presentation score though. (small points).

          sigh, this is why i love kotaku sometimes... ask a simple side-question, and get 3 replies that collectively answer it very succinctly (@Lillee know exactly what you mean re: bit more fps than rpg).

          game developers should do micro-commissions to folks like y'all - i'll be getting DA:O sometime soon based in part on "ayes" from ME fans.

            If possible, make sure you get the DA:O Ultimate Edition (available in retail or online) for ~$60-70 in brick and mortar stores or >$50 online).

            It has the awesome ~100 hour original game, plus the 10-20 hour expansion (Awakening) and all the DLC that they've released for the game (a few hours all up). It's definitely worth it, especially if you import your Origins character into Awakening and the DLC (and you can even import the decisions over into DA2).

    Apparently the new Pokemon games are quite awesome.

    Still, Dragon Age, baby! Pre loaded on steam and ready to go!

      Anyone else see the redacted IGN reviews of pokemon....

      so stupid. The nda was also stupid. The game has been out almost a year in Japan and spoiled to crap already

        It was hilarious. I read it last night, but it seems that the NDA expired this morning and the real one is there now.

        For those that missed it, the best passage went something like this:

        "I love Oshawott, the water starter. I think he's adorable. But then he turns into ********, *** ***** **** **** ******* **** * **** *** ***** ******* ***** * narwhal *** * drunk bear ** *** *** **** ******. ******** ******* *** ***** ** * ******* *** ******* **** **** **** melted ice cream sandwiches *** *** ******** cigarette butts."

        What do you mean by Redacted?

          the text which broke the NDA was blacked out until the nda expired

          but they still posted the review with like half the text blacked out so it was pointless.

    kinda tempted to pick up Pokemon to kill time till Amazon ships me my 3DS :P

    i could finish DA:O too but that requires me to be at home

    DA:O was great but not really necessary before playing DA2. Not sure what decision making from the first game carries over.

      A fair bit, I've been hearing.

      The decision about the throne of Ferelden, the Warden's origin (I think), whether or not you completed the DLC Witch Hunt and Golems of Amgarrak and the fate of the town/fort in Awakening, are just a few.

    Why are people buying Dragon Age 2?

    Seriously I will be waiting till the later in the year sale when all the left out content is bundled up with the game as opposed to being left out so they can sting people with DLC prices - you know the stuff after the day 1 DLC.

      yup kinda why im in no rush to finish my DA:O gamesave seeing as it will be cheaper in a year
      probably steam sales at the end of this year :P.

      plus im still kinda irked over the removal of the top down view

      I said the same thing since I own both the collector's and the ultimate editions of DA:O.

      Then I realised I want to play now and other than Pokemanz there isn't much out there grabbing my attention that I haven't played already!

        I would also like to add that I am fully aware that an enhanced Pokemanz Grey will happen in two years...and I still bought White.

        I spend a lot of cash on the stuff I love...and nothing on the mediocre other stuff.

        Bioware and Gamefreaks have earned my hard earned dineros by being GREAT!

      Because some of us bought the Signature Edition and are getting DLC that won't come with a bundle later just like my DA:O Collector's Edition content isn't in the DA:O Ultimate box. Because we loved the first game so much we don't want to wait a year to play DAII.

        I could see that as an argument but da2 looks like da:o in the same way me2 is like me1


        I get a bit obsessive with all that random Dl content. How expensive are all those items that for sale that give the gloves(or whatever they are) that's one DL content item I will be missing out on!

          I am totally with you on that. I have almost all the DLC from DA:O and most of the stuff for DA2. Even playing Dragon Age Legends. The ring that you get for buying the expensive crap is PC/360 only so I get spared. Oh, and the pre-order bonus amulet because no one in Aus is doing it :(

    DA2 looks more badass than the first and am looking forward to it. It probably doesn't help that my DA character looked like Orlando Bloom and by the time it started to annoy me, I was too far in. Stupid blonde elves. Might go the Charlie Sheen look-a-like this time.

      [Obligatory post about #winning]

        [Insert uninspired Tiger Blood joke]

          [Jimu Hsien doesn't get it]

            [Jimu Hsien clearly doesn't have Twitter, so therefore is not #winning]


              [Jimu Hsien hates FB and thinks twatter is the next step toward evil]

    Pretty psyched for new Pokemon! The missus and I will be glued to our DS screens come Thursday!

    Just a heads up, Dick Smith are offering both Pokemon Black and White for $47 each with free delivery if you pre-order online.

    If U play DA:O play the PC version.

    Excited for the top two. Ordered them both from

    Pokemanz is on the way, no news on DA2 yet...guess I'll be playing a bit late...

    It needs to be Thursday.

    I wonder if they've added any extra tracks (of both maps and music types) to Nail'd for console.

    I got 1/3rd through the campaign and killed game music. The music fit well, there were only ~7 songs.

    It needs to be Thursday.

    Can't wait for Dragon Age and Pokemon. The only thing that could be better is if a BioWare made Pokemon game was coming out.

      NO NO NO, I played Sonic Chronicles and I disagree!

    It seems my US importing snoobery over Deathsmiles comes to an end this week! Check it out but rather than pay $60 at game I'd be importing the PAL vesrion for half that over at zavvi.

    Hidden Mystery Titanic is awesome!

    It's about this blue hedgehog who goes to this floating island with a fox pal and they meet this red echidna.


    Perhaps I'll grab DA2, only if I can track down a extra Signature Edition. Otherwise, nothing for me...

    also, Nail'd has been out for a a week or so already.

    What about Hyperdimension Neptunia??

    DA2 coming out gave me the kick needed to get into DA:O so that can wait till steam sales. Pokemon has had its claws me since blue. Damn it may be the same thing over and over but I just keep crawling back for more!

    Does anyone know when DA2 unlocks on steam? It doesn't have the countdown timer.

    Ordered DA2 special edition from the UK- worked out to be cheaper than the regular edition locally...

    I want Dragon Age II so very badly. Thursday is not arriving fast enough at all. I can also hear Pokemon White calling my name. There goes several weeks of my life in two games.

    Does no one else think that the announcement/release of DLC for Dragon Age 2 is not rediculous before the actual game itself has been officially released!

      Not when it;s free to anyone who pre-ordered before Jan 11th.

      Also, everyone does it now. It's the least rude way of slowing piracy.

        I did not pre-order god damit - its like your an idiot if you just go down to the store and buy stuff over the counter these days.

          Well, given the usual discrepancy between Steam and retail prices in Australia, I'd say you are a bit of an odd one if you prefer doing all that walking just so you can pay $40 more for a box.

          Get wit da times, JIMBO! All the cool kidz r doin' it!

    Dragon Age 2!

    The only thing better than picking up my Signature edition will be unlocking the 'Ser Isaac Clarke' armour Mark's going to send me...



    Right Mark?


    *sound of crickets*

      [awkward silence]

        *looks past camera, like a Bold and the Beautiful cast member*

          James Mac is sleeping with Brooke's ex-husband's stepson's adopted grandfather's gardener's fashion designer, who is secretly having another affair with her boss' paternal grandmother's secretary who is actually a member of the Moroccan royal family!?!??!?!?

          [stares off into middle distance]

      Come on Mark, he's the only one asking. I got hooked up already...I also got the Isac code...

    I'm so glad that Pokemon comes out on the one day of the week that I leave Uni early. :] Though it is a bit troubling that I have to go back again the next morning...

      I have a four hour break between classes on Wednesday. I think it's fair to say I won't get any work done then.

    Weeks like this I wish I had a second DS to play around with when Pokémon came out...

      I have a second DS I borrow of a freind who owns a few(diff formats) just for Pokemanz!

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