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The 'Mark Serrels Big Kahoona Burger Award' for most anticipated game of the week goes to Crysis 2. I've only had the chance to play this in bursts, but I'm hearing good things. Hopefully this will make up for the disappointment of Homefront.

Crysis 2 (360/PS3/PC) What is it? Multi-platform sequel to PC-blasting original. Should you care? All signs point to yes. This game is apparently quite the beast - on all formats.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy (PSP) What is it? Personally, I'm just not into Final Fantasy spin-offs, but this has reviewed well in Japan. For fans of the Final Fantasy series, this features mad fan service. Should you care? Final Fantasy fans - prepare for nerdgasm.

Sims Medieval (PC) What is it? I don't know. I don't even... Should you care? Honestly, who thought this would be a good idea?

Yakuza 4 (PS3) What is it? Latest game in the revered Yakuza franchise. Should you care? I just can't believe this game is coming out so soon...

Zumba Fitness (PS3/Wii) What is it? My mum does Zumba. True story. Should you care? My mum cares.


    Mark Serrel's mum has a huge influence in the Australian Classification Board, true fact!
    So if you want to get Mortal Kombat in AUS, you need to impress Mark's mum by buying Zumba Fitness... :P
    (Just kidding)

    Crysis 2 (360/PS3/PC)
    Wait, what!?
    360 then PS3 then PC!?
    You could at least put it in alphabetical order, 360/PC/PS3, putting PC last makes it look like it's inferior or something!


      lol. That thought did run through my mind, but I have to be consistent. On multi games I always go 360/PS3/PC. No idea why!

        Maybe you're subconsciously writing them down in the order of platform-you-like-the-least to platform-you-like-the-most? :P
        Please don't tell me it's the other way around D:

        That's easy PC is the cheapest copy so it goes last, Xbox is more expensive than PS3 cuz u have to factor in Gold, it must be in order of price!

    Dissidia 012 is bloody amazing, mainly because the 8 hour prologue story made me want to play through the original Dissidia story again, which is also included.

    I love fanservice done right.

      Shameless Video plug? YES!

      I'm such a whore for any game that has a video / replay editor. I got hours and hours out of the driver series for that fact alone.

        we are but two peas in a very nerdy pod mr.fistbeard, i also have an insane addiction to replay editors, the only reason i got GTAIV on PC was because it had the replay editor...

    Trading Homefront for Crysis 2 this week.
    What a disappointment Homefront is. It promised the world and delivered the Shetland Isles.

    A race! Yakuza 4 sent from the UK last week VS this Thursday!
    Oh also I hear there is other minor stuff in this game like punching guys and story.

    I REALLY hope Crysis 2 delivers on the single player...

      Indeed. What little I've seen of the single player already *cough* impressed me so I'm hoping for a great experience later this week.

        Crysis 2 for the same reason. Loved the first Crysis (and Warhead). I just hope the 'evolution' of the Ceph doesn't lower the alien feel of them. Crysis on harder difficulty levels, I hated blue floating things - in a good way.

    Getting Yakuza 4 in the mail.

    Crysis 2, I'll get that down the road.

    Considering they pulled the Crysis 2 demo from PSN 2 days after it went live, due to a whole heap of server issues, I don't really expect much from the PS3 version. That just annoyed me to no end. Download demo, can't get in to match, give up. Come back later and find it's been taken offline. FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU.

      lol, really?

      That sounds like it will be the perfect online game!

      Money saved that will go to Yakuza 4 (although I have this mostly paid off) and for next week LEGO Star Wars & Tiger 12!

    What condiments are in this Mark Serrels Big Kahoona Burger?

    I'm super excited for Crysis 2 - it looks amazing - but I had to cancel my preorder so I could preorder a 3DS.

    Seeing as I'm not planning on picking up any games at launch, I'm not really sure what I'm thinking... :/


    now do it again in a Homer voice.

    Yakuza 4 soon? It's been out for 12 around 12 months in Japan

    Just received a call saying my copy of Yakuza 4 has is in stock (Kuro edition from EB Games) and ready to be picked up. Looks like the street date has been broken by three days :D

      Really..? I also have preordered the Kuro edition, but no phone call to say its ready to pick up....

    I'm buying Zumba, seriously. the missus has been on my case for ages about it.

    My wife is keen for Sims Medieval. She wants to build castles and motes and crap

    Picked up my Yakuza 4 Kuro Edition, and damn the Ichiban box is massive, barely managed to fit in my bag

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