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I've been dreading This Week In Games for months now. This is, of course, the launch week for the 3DS - hence the zillions of mediocre 3DS launch titles in amongst the handful of awesome titles. We're hoping a couple of top notch games don't get lost in the flood - namely Shift 2: Unleashed and WWE All Stars, both of which I think look a bit spiffing.

Regardless - let the 3DS massacre begin.

Asphalt 3D (3DS) What is it? 3DS racer in Three DEEEE! Should you care? Not really up to scratch.

Bejeweled Twist (DS) What is it? It's Bejeweled... with a 'Twist'. Should you care? I didn't even know this was coming out. I'm going to guess 'no'.

Combat of Giants: Dinosaur Strike (3DS) What is it? One of Ubisoft's new 3DS games - about Dinosaurs striking one another in the face. Should you care? RAARRR!

Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars (3DS) What is it? New Ghost Recon for the 3DS. Should you care? By all accounts it's one of the must have launch titles on the 3DS. I'm not kidding!

LEGO Star Wars 3 (Every Format You Can Imagine, And Some You Can't) What is it? Another LEGO game. Yes. Another one. Should you care? I can't bring myself to bother myself with this at all.

Naruto Shippuden Kizuna Drive (PSP) What is it? The new Naruto game datte-bayo! Should you care? Not too bad actually. I give this game a Kakashi out of Jiraiya.

Nintendogs+cats (3DS) What is it? It's Nintendogs - now with added cats. Should you care? I'm not proud of myself, but this has been my most played 3DS game so far.

Plants vs Zombies (DS) What is it? The latest installment in the never ending war between plants and those bastard zombies. Should you care? I'd buy it on the iPhone if I were you.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 (3DS) What is it? Soccer's greatest series goes THREEE DEEEE! Should you care? Not quite there yet.

Rabbids 3D (3DS) What is it? The Rabbids go THREEEEEEEEE DDEEEEEEE! Should you care? It wouldn't be one of my first launch picks.

Rayman 3D (3DS) What is it? Blah blah blah THREEE DEEE! Should you care? Not too bad I suppose.

Ridge Racer (3DS) What is it? (Don't make a Kaz Hirai joke, don't make a Kaz Hirai joke) It's RRRRRRRIDGE RRRACER! (Aw crap.) Should you care? I though this had the most inconsistent 3D, but the US guys thought it had the best 3D. So I'm confused.

Samurai Warriors Chronicle (3DS) What is it? I honestly don't care... Should you care? So much 3DS shovelware...

Shift 2 Unleashed (360/PS3/PC) What is it? Sequel to decent racing sim. Should you care? I liked the first one, and this is looking 'schmancy'.

Splinter Cell Chaos (3DS) What is it? It's Sam Fisher... in the third dimension! Should you care? I'm withholding judgement until I can see this one in action.

Super Monkey Ball (3DS) What is it? So many 3DS games... Should you care? I guess if you've got loads of money, you might consider picking this up.

Super Slam Hunting North American Bundle (Wii) What is it? What is this? Who is buying this? Should you care? No. No. No. No.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition (3DS) What is it? Probably the one must have launch title on the 3DS. Should you care? Yes. You should care. Especially if you haven't played Street Fighter IV before.

The First Templar (PC/360) What is it? Will this list of new releases ever end? Should you care? Probably not.

The Sims (3DS) What is it? It's The Sims. They're now in glorious 3D. Should you care? Only if you picked up the JB Hifi pack, in which you were forced to buy The Sims.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 (360/PS3/PC/Wii) What is it? A golf game. Should you care? It's usually good. For a golf game.

Tomb Raider Trilogy Pack (PS3) What is it? One of them fancy HD remaster things. Should you care? Maybe.

We Sing Down Under (Wii) What is it? A karaoke game packed with Aussie songs. Should you care? I'd rather douse myself in honey and chase after grizzly bears.

WWE All Stars (360/PS3/Wii/PSP) What is it? A top notch wrestling game for once. Should you care? If you love wrestling, you will love this game.

t is it?


    Shift 2 is out already? For some reason I thought it was still a few months away. I didn't think much of the first one, but this one sounds kind of interesting.

    But I'm still getting a hell of a lot of play out of Gran Turismo 5, so I can't see myself buying a new racing sim anytime soon. Might be one to pick up cheap later on.

      Heya Braaaaaaaaaains! I was unaware of Shift 2 as well, but I STILL have GT5 still plastic wrapped... I refuse to play it without a wheel. I liked some parts of Shift, so I'm mildly interested to see Shift 2. But its a definite wait for sale for me.

    Don't worry, I'll buy Lego Star Wars III and write the review for you :D

    I'll be picking up the new ME2 DLC, Arrival, that comes out tomorrow... or maybe Wednesday.

    No plans to get a DS though...

      I keep forgetting about that, then getting really excited when somebody reminds me! Should be awesome!!

    When I pre ordered my 3rd included i'n the bundle was ghost recon shadow wars yay. So glad I didn't pick rayman

      Same here :) The worst part is I think I'm going to be away the day of deliveries. Will have to wait until Monday possibly...

    Not a good week for me :(
    Hyperdimensional Neptunia
    Ar Tonelico Qoga
    SHIFT 2
    Dynasty Warriors 7

    R.I.P wallet

      Completely agree, though we have different gaming tastes.

      LEGO Star Wars 3 - Co-Op Gaming with the missus!

      Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 - I swore off Tiger games last year after the phone it in '11 version, but Augusta and a set of Trophies/Achievements that are actually DECENT and encourage you to play the game.

      Tomb Raider Trilogy Pack - Oddly enough, I have a couple of these somewhere, but never got around to playing them, so a more update versions are welcome.

      Even though it's already out a few weeks ago, probably pick up MotorStorm and maybe a few other things that I've missed recently from the online stores.

        I forgot to mention some 3DS titles aswell, as well as some random games I might come across TT.TT.
        That said, you actually reminded me of the Tomb Raider Trilogy Pack, another game to add to the neverending Pile of Shame :P

      Cant wait for the 3DS this week!
      Ill be getting Street Fighter and Lego Star Wars:)
      Taking the morning off work to go get my 3DS, otherwise ill be way to eager and distracted! Haha!

      Nice picks. I got Hyperdimensional Neptunia & Ar Tonelico Qoga from the US. Gotta have the US versions for speedy delivery of all that DLC right? ;)

    Defintely getting the 3DS, but still trying to decide if I should get SSFIV or Ridge Racer (or even both?).

      I'm getting both ^^

      As well as Pokemon White

    3ds all the way for me. paid for ridge racer 3d, rayman 3d and am going to get shadow wars. i suck at fighters so im not bothering with ssf4. im sad splinter cell 3d is getting bad reviews, i never experienced chaos theory and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. i also liked a couple of the dynasty warriors games back in the day, so id like to get samurai warriors, but theres only about 8 enemies on screen max, so id rather wait for dynasty warriors 7, which looks to be a reasonable upscale to the series.

    May have a look at Last Templar. Will need a demo first though. Some of the smaller PC developers sometimes come up with some real little gems.

    I ordered my 3DS with Rayman, because I figured I'd go with something I know. But then I actually found out what Ghost Recon was, and called them up to change it. Glad I did now, with everyone raving about how good it is.

    Man, that list seemed like it was going on forever.

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