Tiger Blood Energy Potion Brings Out The Raving Lunatic Actor In You

Watching a celebrity dissolve before your very eyes is entertaining, but Charlie Sheen's reign as everybody's favourite frothing-at-the-mouth WINNER can only last so long. Luckily for Blood Energy Potion creators Harcos Laboratories, printing out stickers doesn't take long at all.

Perhaps I'm only jealous because I'm not winning, but that could all change once I get my hands on Tiger Blood Energy Potion, available now at Harcos Labs' store and coming soon to Urban Outfitters and It's Sugar locations.

What they've done here - try to keep up - is taken the regular Blood Energy Potion, and stuck a sticker on it. Ridiculously simple? Your tiny mind can't even comprehend it. You try to process it, but you can't. You've just got to unplug that thing.

Your only real hope is an infusion of Tiger Blood. It's the closest thing you can get to snorting pure Charlie Sheen, and even a taste of Charlie Sheen would melt your face. Sure, you'd be cured of your drug addiction in 30 minutes, but you'll never score a pair of smokin' hotties with a melted face.

It's a completely ridiculous product. It will make them a mint.

If you do give Tiger Blood a try, be sure to drop Charlie a line and let him know you're on his level now.


    That's a pretty clever way to sell more of your product. I'd be interested to see the sales figure before and after this promotional event.

    Just a warning...the Blood Energy Potions taste pretty damn bad :) if you get this, do yourself a favour & keep it as a souvenir only

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