Tokyo's Power Supply Monitored By Neon Genesis Evangelion

With the blackouts, Tokyoites might want to keep track on the region's power source. Here's how they can do it in style. Evangelion style.

The page provides info in real time, noting the maximum power supply as well as the current one. There is also handy info about which parts of Kanto are taking part in planned blackouts and at what time.

Neon Genesis Evangelion, of course, is an iconic anime and manga that debuted in 1995, going on to spawn things like video games and an endless array of plastic figures. Evangelion's backstory follows how a massive tsunami caused the earth's axis to tilt, resulting in climate change, unrest and nuclear war.

NERV極秘資料 - 電力使用状況 [Kanmisikou via @dannychoo]


    what caused antartica to melt down was awakening the adam, the cover story was a meteorite hitting antartica at one tenth the speed of light practically vaporizing it, and causing the axis shift. but it wasant a meteorite at all.

    the power outage was due to providing fuel for the positron rifle against ramiel, an enemy "angel". it required aproximately 180million killowatts to fire, hence japan had to go through a power outage.

      Hmm, sounds like an interesting way of monitoring power. Shame the reasoning for measuring power is a tad cliche with the first and fifth episode.... >.<

    Gonna have to watch some Evangelion this weekend methinks.

    It's all conspiracy that makes us otaku proud. At least the Evangelion fans, anyway... I still love how this also factors in Operation Yashima.

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