Tomb Raider's Biggest Assets Now In HD


    Okay, am I wrong or were these games in HD on the 360?

    I get that it's all cool and all that we PS3 owners can now get them (Underworld STILL missing the exclusive xbox DLC) but if you want to dazzle us, show us comparisson shots with the 360 versions. Then I'll decide if I'm impressed or not.

      I am pretty sure that the games were in HD on the 360 already.

      It does not help that the before and after photos are using the PS2 version. Has it been a comparison between the 360 and PS3 version, then they would have been more convincing.

    Wasn't Tomb Raider: Underworld already in hi-def? Doesn't matter I guess. Looking forward to picking this up and catching up on the better part of a decade's worth of Croft.

    I still wish they'd recreate the first 6 games in the Underworld engine

    Hmmm.... yeah was thinking the exact same thing as above when this project was announced.
    Seems this is for ps3 gamers who have never owned a PC built after 2005....
    Tomb Raider Legend was one of the first games with SM3.0 support, and looked absolutely awesome when it was released. One of the first games with dynamic dirt and water shaders on lara's body.

    Seems like its just the PC or 360 version ported to ps3.

    But hey, if your only a console gamer and have a ps3, they certainly are great games to pick up nonetheless :-)

    I really wanted the 360's DLC for Underworld with the Trilogy set. I have every Tomb Raider on PlayStation consoles (including Underworld) but the only reason i have a second copy of Underworld for the 360 is the DLC.

    It deserves to be on Sony.

    Thinking of selling off my copies of Legend, Anniversary and Underworld and picking the trilogy up instead.
    All of them I have on 360, and were all in HD to begin with, but it'll help me cut down on boxes at least :P

    such a damn ......................................



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