Triforce Johnson Was First In Line After All

Triforce Johnson Was First In Line After All

Isaiah “Triforce” Johnson, the Power Glove-wearing superfan whose attempts to start the 3DS launch line as early as Tuesday were thwarted by zealous security and suspicious cops, was in fact the first person in North America to be sold a Nintendo 3DS. Here he is receiving it at Best Buy’s 3DS launch event in Union Square, New York City, from Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, and Michael Vitelli, president, Americas, for Best Buy.

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  • So they turned an incident of racial profiling into a photo op for Nintendo?

    Well, as long as triforce is happy.. I suppose.

    • Not particularly surprising to see yet another person pulling the race card. Grow up. Rule 1 of any security detail is to get rid of people who have no apparent reason to be there.

      • He did have a reason to be there, he was waiting for a product to be released. I wouldn’t stand around waiting for a product but why was he harrassed for wanting to do so?

        Security guards are usually bullies who take their authority too far. This guy explained why he was there and he wasn’t breaking any laws.

        I’m not “pulling the race card”, the reality is a lot of people use racist stereotypes to profile people and discriminate against them. I think you need to grow up and face reality.

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