Trust Us, Ridge Racer Has The Best 3D On The 3DS

It is hard to show you the 3D graphics of the Nintendo 3DS. It is nearly impossible. So please trust me when I say that the ordinary graphics of Ridge Racer 3D look extraordinary when the Nintendo 3DS slider is activated. I can't show you in the video here, though I try hard to explain it to you.

Imagine a racing video game as a video of a matchbox car and a massive tube that surrounds it and rushes past it. Imagine feeling as if that tube extends beyond the screen on which you're watching the video, that it extends a couple of inches behind the screen. That's the effect of 3D in this game.

Ridge Racer 3D's 3D isn't fancy. It's just very deep and scrolls through to the foreground very smoothly. It is the farthest-reaching 3D I've seen on the system. It is also some of the simplest. Not much pops into 3D other than that "tube" consisting of track, walls and sky. I found this game's 3D to be the easiest to see and to maintain fixed in my vision. It was also the most comfortable, instilling not even the hint of eyestrain I could occasionally feel with other 3DS games played in 3D.


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    Interesting... This was the one game I refused (didn't want to) play at Nintendo World because it looked absolutely terrible (without the 3D it looks like crap). Kinda wish I'd checked it out if this is true.

    Have to test this out for myself

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