Two Excuses For Lack Of Wii Games

Well, there is The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. That is a Wii game, a big one. Oh, and there's a Kirby game coming. But after that, it's... a void. There is a reason for this, says Nintendo.

According to Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, one reason for the skimpy Wii line-up is that the company had to prepare for the launch of Pokémon: Black and White and the Nintendo 3DS.

Never mind that Pokémon: Black and White isn't developed by Nintendo Co Ltd. It's developed by Tokyo-based second-party developer Game Freak. So Fils-Aime is essentially saying that Nintendo could not make any more Wii games because it was busy publishing a Pokémon game? Really?

The other excuse is that Nintendo was readying the 3DS launch, which is much more comprehendible, even if it does end up sounding like Nintendo is totally unable to walk and chew gum at the same time. "Candidly, we've pushed out some Wii launches so we can focus on our handheld business," says Fils-Aime. "Because for us, we're already juggling two big balls; you know, to add a third would be a little bit challenging or a fourth or a fifth."

Still, Fils-Aime does say that Nintendo will be bringing out content before E3, and then at E3, the company will be sharing "more news". Wii owners hope that means more Wii games.

How about this: the reason why Nintendo is slowing down the number of titles for the Wii is because the company will be unveiling a new console at this year's E3 gaming expo in Los Angeles? That makes way more sense.

Nintendo: Wii's Future is Strong [IGN via 1Up]


    Lame excuses. Why doesn't Reggie just come out and say: Your little white boxes are dead. WINNING

    I'm not interested in Zelda so unless I pick up Lost in Shadow at some point there will be no wii purchases for me all year. Which isn't hard actually.

    Go check a release timetable for the wii. Last year wii had more releases coming out than PS3 & 360 combined, with varying degrees in quality naturally. This year the number of releases has been slashed and what remains are the standard party games and movie/toy tie in games. Wii is dead.

    I really don't buy that line about having to focus on the 3DS launch. Take a look at Sony's PS3 lineup for this year - that's a hell of a lot of games even while they're preparing for the NGP launch.

    A new console launch doesn't really make sense as an excuse either. Just because they announce they will be releasing a new Nintendo console at the end of the year (prob not that early), you can still milk the current system for atleast the next 6 months.

    Pretty sure you've understood this wrong. Going off of this particular interview, and everything I've seen recently Nintendo simply haven't announced their Wii line-up for the year so that they can get everyone focused on Pokemon and the 3DS. I'm quite sure we'll see many announcements at E3. Also, don't forget. In addition to Zelda and Kirby on Wii, you've also got a new IP 'Pandora's Tower', a Pokemon game of some description, and hopefully we'll get a localisation of Last Story and Xenoblade this year. There's plenty of new content in my opinion.

    So glad I didn't get a Wii...

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