UFC Takeover Of Strikeforce Could KO EA Sports MMA After One Round

UFC Takeover Of Strikeforce Could KO EA Sports MMA After One Round

Zuffa llc, the parent company of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, has bought out mixed martial arts’ second largest promotion, Strikeforce. The acquisition could mean only one MMA video game going forward.

Last year’s EA Sports MMA was licensed by Strikeforce, using its rules, many of its fighters, and venues where major Strikeforce cards have been fought. The two had a hand-in-glove promotional relationship leading up to the game’s release, including bouts fought during E3 under Electronic Arts’ sponsorship.

Though EA Sports MMA did not perform to analysts’ sales expectations, a producer vowed in November that the publisher would make a sequel. That may be off now; UFC President Dana White has made no secret of his contempt for EA Sports. Further, the UFC and THQ, publisher of the UFC Undisputed Series, have an exclusive partnership lasting through 2018.

EA Sports MMA was largely reviewed positively and praised for its controls, which placed strikes on the right analogue stick and moved transitions and grappling to the face buttons, the reverse of UFC Undisputed 2010. THQ in August announced that UFC Undisputed, which also had a 2009 edition, would skip 2011 and move to an every-other-year production cycle.

Kotaku contacted an EA Sports representative for the publisher’s reaction to the deal. Any statement will be updated here.


  • How many years did EA acquire the licence for? If they still have the StrikeForce licence for a few years then presumably the new owners are obliged to honour that. Although it might get complicated if they just ditch the StrikrForce brand

    • As I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself by accidentally pressing “Submit Comment” (let that be a lesson to never post from your phone whilst lazing around in bed, kids!), if UFC just ditch the Strikeforce brand and roll it all up into UFC then that might be the equivalent of leaving EA without a chair when the music stops. But if EA have a multi-year deal then that might entitle them to some kind of compensation. Of course if they only had a deal for the one year then they’re stuck.

      Maybe they’ll have to create their own imaginary MMA organization and dip into some of their other games for fighters. Might be a good use for all those licenced players from other EA Sports games… I reckon there’d be a lot of people who’d be willing to pay to see the players from FIFA beating the snot out of each other, or Madden vs NHL 😛

  • l like how my XP did not CONSTANTLY DEGRADE when playing MMA. Worst feature ever. And don’t say it makes for a better game or a sports drink fluid control mini game could be added next!!!

  • Hey guys,

    If any of you guys actually follow MMA behind the scenes, you will know one thing when it comes to Dana White… he’s honors contracts.

    He has actually said that with Strikeforce, it will be ‘business as usual’, which means that the Dana White equivalent now over at Strikeforce is still running the show. If they have a deal with EA to make games over the coming years, then Dana will make sure that it happens. They are running Strikeforce as a COMPLETELY different brand then the UFC. They have already said no cross promotions. If you have a deal for the UFC or for Strikeforce, then that’s where it stays.

    Honestly, I still see EA MMA games coming out focusing on the Strikeforce brand, and THQ releasing the UFC brand games.

    Oh, and I hated EA MMA as well… I guess I just don’t like the right stick controls…. just me 🙂

  • I could talk for hours about this prospect, but Strikeforce can’t be closed down for four years due to open contracts with Showtime promotion, in that Dana White never trys to mess with open contracts so we may see a few more mma games, you could go to options and change the controls from stick to buttons for striking.

    I loved ufc undisputed 2009, was great, I got many many hours out of that so I bought 2010 on release day, and to this day I have yet to play 2010 for more than an hour, the stat decay, just the ammount of virtual training you get punished for trying to skip, the fact I cant make a create a fighter that doesn’t look retarded, just the never ending amount of numbers and stats you have to do, it is as annoying as working a job.

    I myself did not buy EA mma to recently for the very reason EA told Dana White MMA is not a sport, but I caved and found it to be much more fun that UFC 2010, the controls are easier but complex and the fighters movements look good, the training can be for the most part skipped without meaning you only get rewarded with half as much stat points for your fighter, I liked going to other gyms and fighting in many promotions, it was damn fun.

    The ultimate game would be if THQ could make the training more like ea mma,remove stat decay, have your fighter start in the minor leagues, get to strikeforce then after winning the strikeforce belt, move to the UFC, I bet we won’t see that but tell me how cool would that game be?

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