Watch An iPad 2 Get Blown Up... Artistically

We can't even buy an iPad 2 over here yet, and there are people destroying them? In the name of art and commerce! What wizardry is this?

We have to admit though, the whole thing looks amazing. We're so influenced by this kind of stuff that the first thing we're going to do with Gizmodo's new iPad is shoot it. And then laugh as Seamus and Nick Broughall weep over its crumpled corpse.


    It's... beautiful! You comment reminds me of a video I saw of the release of the Xbox 360 in the US - some people bought an extra, and took a sledgehammer to it in the parking lot. Lots of stunned faces there.

      Indeed or whatever was also hilarious. A nice mix of people cheering and fanboys QQ.

    You wanna shoot my iPad? I wanna shoot your 3DS. I'll go first...

      I wonder if it would look any different to shooting a regular DS - would you have to be in a 'sweet spot' to see the effects?

    ...that's about all they're good for.

      That so isn't true. You can blend them too.

    Saw this the other day, amazing footage. I fall to pieces at anything in slow motion.

    All that effort and they only upload a 480p copy? For shame. Wheres the 720p or even 1080p glory for such pretty videography.

    I don't think it's just in the name of Art and Commerce. It is important consumer information, I need to know, for my daily life, how well an iPad2 will take a bullet.

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