Watch An Xbox 360 Get Shot, Shotgunned And Then Exploded

FPS Russia had his fifth Xbox 360 die on him and he's not going to take it anymore. To vent, he decided to vent the 360 with an assortment of firearms including two handguns, a shotgun and one fairly large explosion.


    Best accent ever.

    But seriously that guy scares me more than a little.

    And as always, have nice day

    Hehehe those crazy Russians and their shennigans. Good on him for blasting that Xbox. I'm on my 4th now.

    Hopefully he can score some $$$ from google ads on his YouTube video to pay for a new one (and cover the cost of ammunition). Clearly a man who loves his hobby!

    Still on my original 360, RRoD once and they replaced the innards (just after MS did that extended 3yr warranty thing), been running smooth ever since, albeit a tad noisily.

    Is it a bad time to bring up the whole "FPS Russia is really FPS Kyle " argument ? Regardless, he does some awesome stuff with his gun collection !

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