Watch (Some) GDC Presentations Online

I got back from GDC a couple of weeks ago with a couple of regrets. Firstly, I ate way too many Karl's Jr Hamburgers, secondly I missed way too many awesome presentations. Thankfully I can now watch (some) of the presentations for free - and so can you.

If you head here, you can get access to Satoru Iwata's keynote - where he rags on mobile gaming! - a Bejeweled retrospective, and a presentation on Doom by John Romero. There's also plenty of other content to peruse, from overseas GDC events and presentations from past GDCs.


    Carl Jr hamburgers FTW!!!!! Om nom nom nom nom!!

    I feel tempted to make fun of John Romero still dining out on Doom, but I won't...

    I like these GDC talks too - wish they were in an easier to save format though, always a hassle (I like to peruse and reference some talks for different things and hate having to load the stream constantly)



    That is all. :-)

      I had that game... the sound effects were so irritating, even back then. Go Go Will Wright :P

    Excellent :D

    David Crane's GDC Pitfall presentation was excellent.
    I love hearing old-school Atari programming stories and anecdotes :)

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