We Had No Idea Link Had A Fussy Jewish Mother

"It's dangerous to go alone. Take this". It's a classic Zelda line, uttered by the Old Man as he gives Link his first sword. But what if, instead of it being an old man, it was Link's old lady?

Andrew Bridgman over on Dorkly explores this, making it not just Link's mother, but what is surely a nagging Jewish one at that, worried about her son's health, waistline and, of course, love life.

I've never even paused to consider the possibility that "Link" has always just been short for "Alan Linkenbean". But hey, with Zelda's canon possibly the loosest in all of gaming, you can never entirely rule it out!

Link Visits His Mother [Dorkly]


    hehe i always used to think about this sort of stuff when starting off zelda games. I would imagine what my grandmother would say as I set off, and it was fairly similar to this, but with the addition of "Have you got a handkerchief?" :0

    She sounds like Howard's mother, from The Big Bang Theory.

      That's the voice I read it in lol

        Lol same here.

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