We're One Step Closer To Hellraiser And Scream Video Games

Hungry for more video games based on Hollywood movies? Of course you are. Thankfully, The Weinstein Company, the production company started by Miramax founders Bob and Harvey Weinstein, is going to try its hand at making video games.

The Weinstein Company is responsible for properties like Hellraiser, Halloween, Scream, Scary Movie and Children of the Corn, horror flicks that have never been properly exploited in the video game space. (Sure, there was a Halloween game for the Atari 2600 and colour Dreams almost made a Hellraiser game for the NES...) That's going to change, if TWC has its way.

TWC says it will "work with external partners to develop and publish video games for mobile, social and console platforms". It's buddying up with video game production company Beefy Media, founded by ex-EA and ex-Capcom guys - notably, Adam Boyes, who drove a lot of Capcom's downloadable game releases - to make that happen.

What this all ultimately means is still unknown in terms of actual video games that might be borne of the deal. There are plenty of good properties under TWC's control, which spans movies from Grindhouse to Inglourious Basterds to The King's Speech.

Personally, I'm hoping for a FarmVille-style Hellraiser game, involving the harvesting and creative torturing of souls, all done in the name of serving our dark overlord Leviathan. Let's make HellVille happen, TWC.


    Oh please, oh gods no, not more hollywood games. Especially not about horrors.

    OMG!! There's huge potential for a lot of hellraiser games in different genres! I seriously hope they pull off a good one!! eeeeeeee!!!! Hellraiser FTW!!!

    Kevin Smiths stuff is published by Miramax... so, will we see a 'Bluntman and Chronic' game?

    Hellraiser is an IP with fantastic potential.

    That said, odds are the games would suck.

    If you wanted to do it correctly, you'd have to do it as a horror-adventure.

    You could give it to the guys at Telltale lol.
    I think it wouldn't be half bad.

    Yes woot.About time they make a game for hell raiser the most epic horrors of all time next to the grudge.When it comes out im going right out and buying it even if its 60 dollars.Just hope they do a good job unlike the people who massed up the saw games.If they what to do it right let it be like a silent hill type of game that would be neat.

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