What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Yep, this weekend is a special weekend. Today I will be receiving my 3DS. Which means that this weekend I will be playing the 3DS until my wife prys it from my cold dead hands, or the 3D effect renders my legally blind. Whichever occurs first.

I've also been spending a fair amount of time playing Pixel Junk Shooter 2. Weirdly enough I found the first one a little underwhelming, but the sequel is everything I wanted the first to be - challenging, dynamic, interesting. I'm really loving it. I'd like to pretend that at some point I'll give Crysis 2 a bash - but I'm finding it really difficult to motivate myself to play shooters these days.

Anyway - enough about me. What are you guys playing/doing this weekend?


    I've lost count of how many weeks in a row I've said this now, but I shall be playing Demon's Souls.

    I shall also be playing "Get Drunk and Watch The Lions" on Saturday.

    After attempting to play some crummy games I bought in the last Steam sale (Chronicles of Riddick, Red Faction: Guerilla, Far Cry, Serious Sam HD, plus a few others I can't recall), I think I'm gonna curl up on my couch with a good 360 game. Possibly Enslaved or Slaughterhouse again, a nice fun game that I can finish in a day.

    Will probably finish Dead Space Extraction on PS3 though, so I can get Dead Space 2 Severed DLC.

    Also Mark, please pump your 3DS up to full 3D, and time how long the battery lasts!

    YOUSONOFABITCH MARK!! Let us know how the 3DS is, since I'm picking one up on launch day. Getting it along with Street Fighter and Sims 3.

    But as for what I'm playing this weekend? Crysis 2. I'm not usually a big fan of recent shooters (since I'm more of a single player type guy), but Crysis 2's singleplayer is bloody fantastic. Hit and run tactics are fun as hell, especially when you kick a car into an enemy then bulletstorm-slide underneath a semi, followed up by predator-camo-ing into the scenery.

    "What the? Stay alert, he might flank-" *Headshot with silenced gun*

    Depends, maybe Shogun 2 if it get's here in time. Otherwise it's Trackmania all the way! :D

    My 3DS is also here yey :D I shall play that this weekend.

    and yakuza 4 (the translation of that game is amazing lol, i finished it in Japanese and well the story is crazy in english)

    Ill be playing my 3DS at work this time next week! Cant wait!

    I'll be playing Black Ops online again. Maybe some more Sonic 2 on the MegaDrive (maybe some other games, if they arrive from interstate)...

    And working on mah game!

    I will be playing TF2 on Steam (I finally took the plung on KBM after almost a year on the Xbox version) unless some sort of miracle happens and my Crysis 2 prize from last year shows (haven't heard anything from EA yet)

    DA2... and if it gets here tonight Homefront.

    Otherwise the usuals.
    Meatboy and IloMilo, Perfect Dark and Darsiders.

    I'm still stuck in story mode in Fight Night Champion!!! Will try and knock that over. I might play a bit of Supreme Commander 2. Haven't RTS'd in a while.

    DA2, in the midst of wrangling uni homework.

    Also the new ME2 DLC, which comes out on the 29th (so sorta the weekend).

      Really? 29th? I did not know this!! FUCK YES, been hanging for this DLC...

      I'm quite jagged on DA 2, almost at endgame Act 3 with my dual-bladed death machine rogue, Alyssa Hawke. Unstoppable damage-dealer.. next playthrough, maybe a sinister blood mage called Keith?

      Also, a few of my CoD friends have switched to Battlefield BC 2 so I'm gonna give it a crack..

    Is it just me, or did the 3DS look heaps better when the analog slider was a similar colour to the consoles?

    Been gorging on NBA 2K11 with the playoffs coming up. More of that.

    Will also continue the Killzone 3 campaign.

    Oh yeah, there's that "AFL" obsession to cater to, too.

    I've got a lot of options.

    Picked up NBA Jam and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit cheap out of the bargain bin last week.

    Also got Fight Night Champion.

    Bought Rift the other day and have been playing that here and there.

    Currently installing Age of Conan, want to give it another look. Played at launch and liked it well enough, but my then shoddy connection prevented me from doing the MMO thing.

    And my copy of Shogun 2: Total War just arrived.
    So I'll be bouncing between some, if not all of the above.

    I'm somewhere between 1/3 and 1/2 way through Dragon Age: Origins right now. I'm planning to finish that ASAP, then play Crysis 2 (to give myself a bit of a break from DA), then I'll finally play Dragon Age 2.

    Well since my 360 red-ringed again, MvC3 and Deadly Premonition will have to wait.

    Will be sharing my time between Persona 4 and Chinatown Wars DS.

    Also, I might install and play Starcraft 1 for the first time ever.

    More Disgaea: AoD on PSP. This last month I've been making some good progress, after playing on/off for the past 6 months. Should be done with this in a few weeks time, up to Chapter 12 right now.

    Going to work on Sunday, lousy deadlines... :(


    I want to keep playing FalloutNV, which I recently picked up on sale, but it seems to want to randomly kick to the OS unexpectedly.
    Considering reinstalling KOTOR 2, installing the fan-made upgrade which finishes the game and give that a whirl.

    I'll be playing world of crackcraft and also some Deadspace 2. I've been playing Bulletstorm as well which is surprisingly not too bad.

    Trjn has inspired me to finish off my faith build in Demon's souls.

    I'm so pumped for the Demon's souls sequel!

      I was actually considering a faith build, but it's my first playthrough so I went with the safer option.

    Nier for me, it's pretty good so far.
    The big shade in the southern plains is a bastard to fight though.

    Beyond Good & Evil HD. Brilliance. Can't believe I ignored this game 7 years ago. Have we had a reader review for that? Might write one up :)

    Also Crisis 2. Played it for 5 minutes, but wasn't impressed, but my brother-in-law's geeking out about it hardcore. May need to give it another crack.

    ... And Stacking.

    ... And thE ME2 DLC on Tuesday (am slightly aroused at the prospect... what?).

    ... And I have the final chapter of my Nightmare run of Alan Wake to complete. Man... forgot how good that game was.

    Seriously, I have no life.

    Oh, and Mark? You lucky, lucky bugger. Looking forward to some honest 3DS impressions :)

    Still working on 100%ing Darksiders, but might throw in some Borderlands to break up the monotony.

    Oh, and this: http://notdoppler.com/cactusmccoy.php

    Finishing up Assasins Creed Brotherhood, with 100% sync. Then on to the Davinci Dissapearance DLC!

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