What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Guys, you'll be pleased/insanely jealous to hear that I finally managed to crack 175k in Tiny Birds - getting up to 191k. Now that the evil curse Tiny Birds cast on my bitter heart has been shattered, I can move on to more serious pursuits - like giving Homefront a bash, and finally finishing Dead Space 2…

But what are you guys playing this weekend?

Sunday afternoon is a bit out for me - I've started to become a pretty big fan of UFC, believe it or not, and it's Shogun vs Bones for the Light Heavyweight title on Sunday. I'm a huge Shogun fan, so I'm hoping he manages to ride things out against Jon 'Bones' Jones - who is an absolute beast.

Games wise - I'm thinking about playing through Homefront's single player. I've heard bad reports, but I'm keen to see if they really deliver with the game's universe. Dead Space 2 I just need to finish. I've been slacking majorly on that one.

What about you guys? What are you all up to this weekend?


    I'll try to finish DA2. Some BFBC2 with my phalanx of international friends and maybe Heavy Rain if I have time. I've heard Heavy Rain is good.

    Pretty busy this weekend, but I'll be playing some more Dragon Age 2, and probs play through the new Assassin's Creed Brotherhood single player missions. Maybe some more of the new multiplayer too, it seems pretty fun!

    Btw, did anyone else get all the limited edition stuff unlocked when they bought the DaVinci thing? I now have the Harlequin and Officer in mp, the special Ezio armour, and the special memories in sp...

    I'm playing through The Saboteur...but kinda getting a touch bored with it. I've got Darksiders to tee up, which looks a lot of fun. Also got to get around to play Undead Nightmare.

    Mark - finish Dead Space 2 already! This faffing has gone on long enough!;-)

      I faffed for an entire two years with the original!

        That's some good faffing, indeed!

        I love a good faff too. I'm still doing so with GTA: San Andreas on my PS2. 7 years of it. Ha!

        I've purchased all Dead Space games on Day 1 and have never played any of them, not even 5 mins worth.

        Check... Mate!

          But whyyyyy...y?

    Playing Witcher for the first time, only found the Enhanced Edition the other day and decided to give it a whirl, and really enjoying it so far.

    Got through Homefront singleplayer in about 3 hrs last night, but multiplayer isn't always something I enjoy because of my lack of skill so I'll give it a whack but might end up swapping for Mass Effect 2.

    League of Legends
    Dragon Age 2
    Pokemon White - Just know my girlfriend will be miles ahead of me since I didn't get a chance to play all week.
    Homefront - Tried about 30 minutes of single player and was very dissappointed, here's hoping multiplayer is better.

    No games to play this weekend =( , finished Dragon age 2, dead space 2 on pc this week already.

    Just waiting for crysis 2 next week. I think Homefront isnt worth my time, seeing that its just another boring Cod look a like ( which is boring rehashed unoriginal "boringness" ) also it has a 4hr campaign... for full retail price -_-

    Recently finished Dead Space 1 & 2 (back to back), finished the Champion Mode of the latest Fight Night, so I might revisit some of my older games. Maybe give Rainbow Six Vegas 2 a bit of a lan or maybe I'll push myself to delve a little deeper into Amnesia: The Dark Descent (freaky as hell, btw).

    But Mark - 191k? Still not 200k... trollolololol :P

    As for my weekend play, Rift. Finished DA2 last weekend, might try a different class and go for a second romp. 2h warrior was insanely fun though.

    Homefront MP, DA2, LBP2 and DCUO all on PS3. As two of my 360 Died a terrible death during the week and they have gone off to the 360 Hospital to be patched up. My Elite has the dreaded 3 Red rings and my 360S power supply died!
    OH! and some BF2 and L4D2 on PC!!!

    Homefront MP, DA2, LBP2 and DCUO all on PS3. As two of my 360 Died a terrible death during the week and they have gone off to the 360 Hospital to be patched up. My Elite has the dreaded 3 Red rings and my 360S power supply died!
    OH! and some BF2 and L4D2 on PC!!!

      stick to Luke Allen :)

    no one is playing AC:B (or am i the only PC gamer commenting?)?

      No it's just that all us pc gamers are playing things like shogun 2, we all played AC:B ages ago on our PS3's and 360's. :-P

    Tearing through the entire Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse. Finished episode 1 on Wednesday night, now playing episode 2: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak.

    Got confirmation that Homefront has shipped from the UK... so I'm waiting for that.

    This weekend is DA2, perfect dark, Fable 3, ME2, IloMilo and maybe some meatboy

    Game sent me a voucher for $27, so what ever that'll get me too.

    Picking up a Sega Mega Drive today, so probably play Sonic 2 all weekend while I wait for Toejam & Earl and various other games to ship.

    And Black Ops with friends (local MP, what?!).

    Dead Space 2 in short undie changing doses and NFS:Hot Pursuit please! Both are awesome at what they provide. Have AC:Brotherhood next up and awaiting Crysis 2. Homefront just seems like a rental now (unless I purchase from EBs then return/swap for Crysis 2).

    I'm playing Shogun 2 (it's fantastic) got the collectors ed with the statue.
    Finish Killzone 3 (nearly there)
    Demon's Souls (no where near the end)
    Resident Evil 0 GCN version (nearly finished with a mate taking turns)

    My pile of shame productivity has nosedived because I've spent the week mucking around with TF2 (xbox) to the extent that I finally tonight stumped up for it on Steam and sometime next week when my slow internet fits all 10GB through its hardened arteries I be playing it, going from 6 maps and the original weapons to the massive game it is on PC now over the space of a weekend!

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