What If MOON Was A Lucasarts Point And Click

If you haven't watched the incredibe sc-fi classic in the making MOON, time to get watching. If you have seen it, then you'll love this - a screenshot imagining what a MOON point and click adventure using the LucasArts SCUMM engine would look like. Someone make this game!

Sci Fi Scummin' [The Sketch Blog Of Mads Herman]


    that is simply awesome. awesome movie, and awesome scummification

    Well, now I pretty much have to watch Moon again when I get home.

    Yes please! MOON was a great surprise. But why SCUMM? Do we need more clones?

    Wow that is cool! Funnily enough I just watched that movie for the first time last night in part of JB's cheap Blu Ray deal.

    Hopefully Source Code will be just as good as Moon.

    Zowie Bowie ftw

      Matt Rorie from screened enjoyed it at south by south west although he said it was not as good as inception.

    Dear Lucasarts,

    We were wondering when we were going to see a new Rouge Squadron or X-Wing / TIE Fighter game?
    For the record we are also awaiting delivery of the HD remake of Dark Forces.

    Get on it.

    Two generations of gamers who grew up with solid Lucasarts games


      We have yet to hear back from you regarding the much anticipated Rebel Assault One and Two re-releases.

    Any game that lists SCUMM as a primary ingredient is well worth consuming.

    Moon is one of my favorite sci-fi movies. This is so awesome.

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