What The Hell's With The Flood Of 3DS Fishing Games?

In late spring and early summer this year, the Nintendo 3DS will be inundated with one thing in Japan: fishing simulators.

In late May, one fishing game will be released on the 3DS. After Super Black Bass: 3D Fight hits the 3DS on May 26, three more titles will hit the 3DS in Japan the following month. A veritable fishing bonanza!

There's Fishing 3D and Fish On, which are both getting released on June 9. That's right, two fishing games getting released on the exact same day. Imagine the confusion that will cause at game shops.

Then, on June 23, Fish Eyes 3D is getting released.

The games are not exactly the same. But they're fishing games - a niche genre at best. These four games are going to battle it out in the span of a month for a tiny percentage of fans, divvied up and made smaller by bad timing.

If fishing is something that requires patience, shouldn't the same be true for releasing fishing games?

『3DS』に釣りゲーが続々と発売!!?? 5月に1本 6月に3本 [オレ的ゲーム情報]


    Maybe not a fishing game but I really would be very excited if Nintendo were to make an Endless Ocean for 3ds. I imagine the 3d effect would be amazing for a game that already looks so beautiful.

    Have to keep my eye out for these titles.

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