Where Do Your Video Game Bad Guys Come From?

Here's a hint: they don't come from countries where people speak English.

Complex sat down with a number of recent shooters and plotted where on the map the game's villains (or at least opposing force) came from. And, this may shock you, but they nearly all came from either former communist states, communist states or the developing world.

The only real exception to this was Germany, but that was including a game set in the Second World War, so that one doesn't count.

Being a selection of games, though, it is by its very nature selective. You could say, for example, that the real bad guys in Modern Warfare 2 are American. Or, if you want to take the piss, that the bad guys in Killzone are British. British Space Nazis from a fictitious future, perhaps, but British nonetheless!

And if you're from Canada, New Zealand or Australia? Congratulations. You're one of the good guys!

Complex Presents: A World Map Of Video Game Villains [Complex]


    theres actually a good reason why most war games are the USA vs Russia/China/Middle East. China and Russia are singled out because they are the only countries that have a military that can keep the pace with the USA without it feeling one sided.

    For the middle east its a based on current events mostly but its important to remember that pior to the gulf war in 1991, Iraq was the 4th largest army in the world. If we had computers back in the 1700 you could bet that the games would of been Britan Vs France all the time.

    I'm struggling to think of Australia being mentioned in games AT ALL, let alone having heroes/villains... anyone?

    The only game that springs straight to mind is the Front Mission series, as Australia is allied with Japan in that (as part of the Oceania Cooperative Union), and since you typically play a Japanese character, Australia gets a lot of love.

      Only game I can really think of with an Australian bad guy is Ozzie Mandrill from Escape from Monkey Island!

      We don't tend to get a lot of attention from games made in the USA. And even then, if an Australian character is included, it's a stereotype.

      It's surprising, because even in WWII games set in the Pacific, there's no mention of Australian involvement...

        Yeah, I was really disappointed how Call of Duty: World at War didn't bother to mention any Commonwealth involvement in the Pacific campaign. After all, the early CoD games featured plenty of British stuff, so I was hoping maybe they'd do some justice to our side in the Pacific as well. But nope.

        I shouldn't really be surprised since CoD is more about moving units than telling stories about the bravery and horror in war nowadays...

          I agree with Mr Waffle its pretty dissapointing that we dont get mentionted.

          I mean the yanks could not stop the Japanese and the Australian army was the first army in the world to stop the Japanese army in ww2 you would think that is a story worth being told, the problem is that story would not resonate with americans so things like that will never be told.

          Also the Australian country paid the highest price of lose of life in the great war on a per capita basis.

          Just goes to show you that there is alot of stories out there (not just australian stories) that get missed because of backward missconceptions and who the game is being targeted at.

      Kano (Mortal Kombat) was not originally Australian, but after seeing the MK movie, the devs were so impressed by the idea of Kano being Australian they retconned it for him.

      Jeffery McWild (Virtua Fighter) is Aboriginal.

      Craig Marduk (Tekken) is Australian.

      Ty The Tasmanian Tiger is obviously/not quite Australian depending how much you like Tassie. =P

    Wasn't Harry Flynn from uncharted 2 an Australian, or so his accent led me to believe.

      Nope, just another typical evil Englishman character.

      Well, you can't really call them Australian per se, but there's also Fang and Vanille from FFXIII.

    Video game villains? More like shooting game villains.

    Akuma is Aussie as well.

      Lol he is not.
      He's totally Japanese. That stage in Street Fighter Zero 2 just happens to be in Australia.

      Also he's not a bad guy per se, he's just overwhelmed with dark powers. That's how he rolls.

    Wierd that MAG should have China and India listed, considering the three PMC's source from America/Canada, Western Europe and ex-Soviet Bloc. There isn't even any maps set in China or India...

    So military shooters tend to feature real-life military rivals? What a revelation! This is really meaningless without opening the scope beyond that very specific genre (where you'll find the stereotypes are even more ubiquitous).

      'exactly. It's like sayin that ... Shock horror ... Scifi games feature aliens!

    Couple of corrections,

    Red River the enemy is also tajikistan insurgents.

    Typhoon Rising is set in Indonesia, Indonesians are both rebels (enemy) and part of the UN forces. (Australians are also playable in multiplayer)

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