Where Is The Cheapest 3DS In Australia

As we reported yesterday, Nintendo fully expect the 3DS to sell out at all retailers come tomorrow, but just in case you feel like chancing your luck our very own Angus Kidman over at Lifehacker, in a typical show of efficiency, has created a round up of all the best Nintendo 3DS deals in stores across Australia.

Here are your options.

- Kmart wins the outright price war, with the 3DS on offer for $288. - Dick Smith has the 3DS for $328, with free delivery for online orders. (The Dick Smith catalogue suggests “checking online” for pricing, so it might end up matching prices in store on the day; it certainly can’t hurt to ask!) MWave has the 3DS for $338. - The Good Guys has the console for $347, including one 3D game (from a choice of Ridge Racer 3D, Star Wars III, Nintendogs, Splinter Cell 3D or Street Fighter 3D). - Target has a bundle of the 3DS, a case and one game (from a choice of Rayman 3D, Rabbids 3D or Ghost Recon Shadow Wars 3DS) for $339. - Big W has the 3DS with a “starter kit” including case, earbuds and spare stylus, plus your choice of either Rayman 3D or Ghost Recon Shadow Wars 3D, for $348. An alternative offer is the device for $348 with free delivery if you order online. Big W is also offering an extra 1,000 Everyday Rewards points to 3DS buyers, though this is an opt-in offer that only works if you get sent a specific email about it linked to your existing Everyday Rewards account. - EB is charging the full $349 price on pre-orders, but does have one offer that might appeal if you’re planning an iPad 2 upgrade: you can trade in an original 32GB iPad and get a free 3DS.

Where Is Australia’s Cheapest Nintendo 3DS? [Lifehacker]


    JBHifi will have it for $298 with an accessory pack.

      That JPEG just slayed my internet connection.

      Yeah, was just at a local JB Hi-Fi a few minutes ago, and got one on pre-order for $298 with an accessory pack.

    The cheapest 3DS is in Mr. Serrels' living room. Your mate's rates are a five-fingered discount, right?

    No surprises EB Games has it at full price.

    If you are looking at trading in old hardware EB will give u a 3DS for half price ($175) when u trade a DSi. They will give $200 trade for a DSi XL. I've given in to the hype and just pre ordered a 3DS and ghost recon for tomorrow. My local EB had 8 consoles left that weren't pre ordered. Now it's 7.

    My amazon order including shipping ended up being $274.95 for the 3DS and $48.47 ea for SSIV & Samurai Warriors (ugh) plus a handful of vouchers for future game purchases as a bonus. I'm hoping it arrives tomorrow.

      Amazon.com? How did it end up costing that much? The 3DS costs $250 and Super Street Fighter IV is $40... How long will it take for this ship of yours to arrive with the goods?

        The prices they quoted are including shipping, and I'm pretty sure its with express shipping so 1-2 days. Given its out a few days earlier in the US they'll get it probably the same day as its released here.

    Was just on catchoftheday.com.au for $199 but they just sold out... =\

    there were some on catchoftheday.com today for $199 - had to be quick, i think they lasted a good 5-10 mins :)

      More like a good 5 to 10 seconds.

      I got as far as logging into paypal but then the server crashed before I could confirm payment. Missed out!

        I still believe those sales are solely baiting. I'd be surprised if they actually had more than a dozen of them for sale.

    I somewhat stupidly pre-ordered at EB months ago. If anyone else tries to price match it there tomorrow morning I will jump on that bandwagon but I suspect they don't let you when they're selling out. They do have a bunch of games available for half price when you buy the console though so it's not a total loss.

      They price match bro, just tell them and get some money back.

        Yeah they price match as long as the competitor has it in stock which is where your problem may lie. You can also cancel a pre-order any time at EB for a full refun, unless you traded stuff in and then you will be stuck with the traded value in store credit.

        Not if everywhere else is out of stock.

    Catch of the day has/had them for $199

    I got mine from BigW online with the PayPal deal so effectively paid $268 delivered.. but they send stock from Sydney and don't have an express postage option, seeing as I'm in Perth I guess I won't be seeing it until next week.. in hindsight if I knew KMart would sell for $288 I would have gone for that.. $20 difference aint rocking my world when I can't get in on release

    I ordered mine from Dick Smith online when they had the special pre-order offer of $299 + free game (either Ghost Recon, Rayman or Rabbids).

    So I'll be getting my Black 3DS + Rayman + SSFIV tomorrow :)

    K-mart Brisbane and K-mart Adelaide only got in 12 of each colour console(know people who work in both stores), so they will go quick.

    EB has a deal atm that if you tradein a orginal DS you get $100 off the 3ds. Going to midnight launch in brisbane tonight to get mine.

      My local EB has a poster up in store stating if you trade in your DSi you get the 3DS for half price. I pre-ordered mine at the last minute and will be trading my DSi tomorrow when I pick it up. The guy at my local EB said I can trade the console on the day and still get the deal.

    Plan of action: Turn up at Kmart at ~10am and hope they have a blue one left. If not, try JB-HiFi. If not, go home and wait until Zelda and Pilotwings is released.

    Yes yes.

    http://www.catchoftheday.com.au/news.php $199. Good luck to anyone who was quick enough to get one. Sold out within minutes

    why is there such a massive JPEG for the image? 4000x4000px.. What the hell?

    JB said they won't let people pay the full amount of a 3DS pre order because it might come down again on release day. This makes me hopeful they will price match K mart. I guess I'll take a kmart catalogue in and find out at 9am tomorrow when I pick up mine.

    Big W have the best instore prices for 3DS games, at $58.84 a pop.

    Actually Target has cheapest 3ds games at $55

    Pre-Ordered from JB HiFi Online. My order has not changed, still showing as 'Processing'.

    Has anyone got some 3DS love from JB Online?
    Tempted to call them soon to see if they have an ETA!

      Not sure about still processing, maybe they ran out... :(

    Big W has the best deal out of the lot. 350 but with a 100 bucks worth of free stuff. They just suck to buy from.

    Crash Of The Day doesn't count as a legitimate source because their numbers are too low, and making it all the way to the checkout confirmation is almost completely to the will of the Old Gods.

    For the regular folk, the best deal was the DickSmith Online order a month ago (Console + Game for $298 or $277 with a code and free shipping).

    Now, it's likely Kmart or JB. I just found out that Kmart is definitely selling at a loss for the thing.

    If any of you guys are in Sydney NSW, join this facebook group so we can organise a streetpass meetup once we hit 40 people :)


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