Which Big Series Still Has Room For A PS2 Version?

Which Big Series Still Has Room For A PS2 Version?

Of course, the WWE is a series so… dawn-market? salt-of-the-earth?… to still have a PS2 version of their newest game. Never leave the common man behind, WWE!


  • Its because the ps2 is a beast of a console!
    Ps3 can only dream to be as awesome as the ps2 was (and still is) man I hate the ps3!

    • Seriously, what is everyone’s problem with the PS3? Please just give me a list, I’m interested in hearing this. Because it works perfectly fine, has the same control scheme has the PS2 and can play the current gen games amazingly well with it’s processor and graphics, what’s the problem?

      • one reason is the controller. It feels like im playing next gen games with a last gen controller! (trying to play fps with it is a joke)
        Another reason is that most of their exclusives just dont cut it for me. The only ps3 exclusive im excited for this year is Twisted Metal (although VERY excited!)
        Ive been through 2 PS3’s. A fat 60gb launch model & a slim, so ive more than given the system a chance.
        In my eyes the 360 is more of a gamers console, but thats me.

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