While You Were Sleeping

Sleeping can be fun - necessary even. But what if stuff happens when you're sleeping - game stuff? What are you supposed to to do then? Thankfully we have a solution - While You Were Sleeping, a quick round up of all the news that happened… while you were sleeping.

Wow. This is kinda hilarious - Duke Nukem Forever has been delayed again. More details, dripping in bitter, bitter irony, can be found here.

This is worth the read - BioShock Infinite looks like it's drawing from a number of sources, and we're really liking what we're hearing about the overall themes of the game so far.

Now that our 3DS is due to arrive today, we're a bit more interested in 3DS accessories, this is our first look at Resident Evil 4 in HD, and this survey on which room your games console is in yields some interesting results.

In Short What Room Is Your Gaming Console In? These Are Your Power A 3DS Accessories How BioShock Infinite's Creators Are Crafting Adventure From Labour Strife, Dead Horses, And The Energy Of The Tea Party Duke Nukem Forever Delayed Your First Look At Resident Evil 4 In HD


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