While You Were Sleeping

Sleeping can be fun - necessary even. But what if stuff happens when you're sleeping - game stuff? What are you supposed to to do then? Thankfully we have a solution - While You Were Sleeping, a quick round up of all the news that happened… while you were sleeping.

The 3DS came out in the US over the weekend, so there seems to have been a decent amount of 3DS content on the site over the weekend. Some of which I contributed to, as I continued my 3DS diaries. The weekend, for me, was a time of great sadness, as I had to send Elly's Nintendog 'Poopy' to the great SD card in the sky RIP lil' buddy.

Get this - Metacritic is now rating humans/game designers! When will this madness end?

This was the first guy in the US to buy a 3DS (not including those that imported from Japan obviously) and these are the Pokemon that history forgot...

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    Oh geez, Metacritic is rating people now? This isn't high school anymore, damn it!

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