Why Collision Effect Is My iPhone Game Of The Year (So Far)

Collision Effect is my iPhone game of the year so far. In fact, it may be my game of the year, period.

But first, a little history. Earlier this week Apple were kind enough to send me over a loan iPod, packed full with over 60 new games. Among them were your dirty, dirty staples - your proverbial meat and potatoes - Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, Tiny Wings. It was also loaded with premium content - the EA franchise games, GTA Chinatown Wars.

They mattered little. My iPod battery has been drained dry. My social life battered and bruised. All because of one game - that game is Collision Effect.

Collision Effect is an abstract-puzzle-blaster tailor tweaked for a touch interface. Touch coloured blobs so they collide, stop coloured blobs from touching other coloured blobs - trying to explain the appeal of Collision Effect is an utterly redundant exercise, you just have to simply play and experience it. Then lament as everything else in your life - food, shelter, health - fades into insignificance. After one night of Collision Effect I look like a crack addict, and I've never been happier.

Visually it's a treat, drizzled with light effects, and perfect sound design. The music feels like an outtake from The Running Man soundtrack - as the coloured blobs arrive in waves extra layers of sound integrate, echoing the increasing intensity of play, lulling you into a soothing hypnotic state. Collision Effect is zen gaming. Furious zen gaming.

And possibly worst of all - Collision Effect has that 'one-more-go' thing going for it. Unlike some score based games - like Doodle Jump - dying doesn't result in a rising, bubbling urge to launch your iPhone through the nearest window (Chris Brown style). Dying almost motivates you further - it feels fair.

Add the combo system, the intuitive multi-touch controls, the rewarding timing element and you have something that feels sublime.

I'm obsessed. And my high score is 1.7 million. Who can beat me?

(Also - Puzzle mode is for chumps.)


    My high score is currently sitting around the 2.7 mil mark.

    It's a good game, but it lacks the charm that Tiny Wings has. And dammit, charm counts!

      Agree about the tiny wings comment, but man i got close to you..


      I thought i'd make 3m actually.. anyway, good fun. Wave 3 on hard! I'll get 3m i think...

        You've got some catching up to do, my high score is now 3,417,852.

          Consider yourself caught!


            Well, my lunch break is over so I doubt I'm going to beat that until I get home. I'm sitting just under 4m right now.

      my highest in the new life force mode is 20 million :)

      my highest in the new life force mode is 20 million on wave 8 :)

    Are you serious?! Your game of the year so far?!
    Man im kinda speechless right now...so this is what its coming to eh?
    Dude go and play some real games, your iphone game obsession is making it very difficult to take you seriously from a gamers perspective.
    Everytime I read a headline such as this one, I die a little inside

      I tend to get a little overexcited at times.

      But yeah, no console/PC game has jumped out at me yet this year...

      Someone needs to chillax.

      Budget, hype and fanboys do not a good game make.

      Just because a game is about short burst of casual fun rather than competitive leaderboards or a sprawling multiplayer community, doesn't make it any less of a game. Of an entertainment product.

      A "gamers perspective" is that any form of game is a "real game". Be it with a board, cards, console, pc, phone, something you draw on your desk or a bunch of rocks.

    I think someone needs to do some tests and find out if these games are as much like masturbation as I think they are. Not judging, just sayin'.

      Man now I feel bad...sorry, each to their own. Im a critical old fart lol
      But Im totally with you when you say that no game has jumped at you so far this year, one of the reasons I got rid of my ps3. And I don't feel as if ive missed anything!
      Here's hoping LA Noire and Duke Nukem Forever can rekindle my interest in modern games again.

        Aarrrgghhh!! The previous post was intended as a reply to Mark. Damn touch fone! How can I expect quality gaming on a fone wen I can barely use it for everyday things?! Haha!

    Just got 1.7 mil. Seems like a fun game.

    Now for round 3!

    yah.. ok game. Got over it very quickly.

    Suggestion... Tilt to live is a fun game

    btw puzzle mode is not for chumps. i can only make level 19 i think atm

      Puzzle mode does get tough. Level 24 for me at the moment. Current top score is 6.3m

    Oh yeah! I got 11,745,346 points!!! Just try to beat that.

    Wait, aren't you Australian? Why are you saying "period'? Or is this a lazy cut and paste job?

      If it says I wrote it, I wrote it. If I used the word 'period', it's because I thought it made sense within the context. Next time I'll add in a few 'struths' just so you're not confused.

        Not 'streuths'? Hand in your Aussie card on your way out please.

    14,905,000! Highest yet. Domination.

    Anyone know if it's coming to android or if theres any imatations of it on android?

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