Wii Modchip Case Goes All The Way To The People's Court

Daytime television legal precedence was set earlier this year in a landmark case involving Wii mod chip shenanigans. More interesting than plaintiff Joseff Ben David suing defendant Eyal Levinshtein for gouging him on mod chip installation are the blatant displays of piracy broadcast on syndicated TV.

David went after Levinshtein after the cost of modding his Wii came back with a higher than expected price tag of $US160 USD. That mod would "allow him to get games for three dollars instead of 60 dollars," according to the People's Court case "Being A Gamer." When David failed to pay that bill, Levinshtein held onto his modified Wii as collateral, countersuing David for the cost of services provided.

"You can download games and it doesn't cost so much money," Mr. David explains to actual Judge Marilyn Milian, who glosses over the obvious piracy of software without concern.

Like most episodes of daytime fodder The People's Court, there's a good deal of explanation, back and forth, yadda yadda yadda... enough to fill 13 minutes of programming. If you don't feel like watching, Judge Milian ruled in the case that aired in February of this year that the modded Wii should be returned to Mr David and that he should pay Mr Levinshtein for services rendered.

Nintendo Wii Modchip Case on People's Court [YouTube via Gamepolitics]


    Tommy Wiseau is that you? "You want how much for my modded Wii? YOU'RE TEARRING ME APART DAVID!"


      I did not chip it, it's bullshit, i did not chip it, i did naaaaaaaaaattt. oh hi judge!

    Wow... piracy really is like jaywalking. They actually don't care.

    1: Holy SHIT, that's some blatant copyright infringement going on here. I hope Nintendo sues the pants off Mr David for admitting to the crime IN COURT.

    2: WTF? Who the hell hardmods Wiis these days? Seriously, the guy could have softmodded for zero cost.. You'd think Mr. Levinshtien would have gone "hey, neighbor, I don't need a chip, Just give it to me for an hour and I'll have it done without even voiding the warranty!" That's what I'd have done..

    3: before the flamewars: I own about 50 Wii games, all legit, and they're all backed up on my HDD quite legally, thankyouverymuch.

    This sickens me too.
    I have 60 ps3 games, no exaggeration and I have made 0 copies of them, why well it's illegal to mod my ps3 and I respect Sony.
    Same with my Wii and XB360.
    Oh and I have an off it's head gaming PC and all the software on that is legit too....
    I can't beleive this judge let that go, it's why everyone openly discusses having pirated software without fear of the ramifications.

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