WWE All Stars Get A Demo – March 23

WWE All Stars Get A Demo – March 23
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As an embarrassingly hardcore fan of professional wrestling, I can totally vouch for WWE All Stars – this is a game that respects wrestling’s history, tolerates the slightly rubbish stars of today, and mashes them together with a long overdue reboot of fighting mechanics and controls. But you don’t have to take my word for it – just check out the demo when it’s released on March 23.

The demo features only two characters – Rey Mysterio and The Ultimate Warrior. It’s an interesting choice of ‘wrasslers’ – Rey’s a good choice, since he showcases the high flying mechanics, but we would have totally gone for Andre the Giant instead of the clearly utterly insane Warrior.

THQ are clearly shooting for the broadest wrestling audience possible – wise considering that almost every adult in the 25-30 age bracket is a lapsed wrestling fan from the 80s.

“Our playable demo for WWE All Stars will give players a tremendous opportunity to experience an original style of WWE game play cantered around two incredible talent in Ultimate Warrior and Rey Mysterio,” said Danny Bilson, Executive Vice President, Core Games, THQ. “This videogame is fun, intuitive and very approachable, and we believe our core WWE SmackDown® vs. Raw® fans, WWE enthusiasts and casual followers alike will respond very favourably to this unique and fresh take on the virtual WWE experience.”

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed what we’ve seen of the game so far, and this demo is definitely worth a download at the very least.


  • I’m a fan of realistic wrestling games. From the gameplay videos I’ve seen the gameplay looks way too over the top (it actually kind of reminds me of Def Jams insane finishing moves) The action figure physique of the wrestlers is also pretty hard to take seriously. I’ll wait for Fire Pro Wresting to get a PSN release.

    • The Smackdown vs. Raw games are only realistic in that they simulate what the wrestlers are pretending to do. Personally, I found it to be getting a bit stale, so this new game looks quite interesting.

      The other direction I think it might have been interesting to go would be to make an actually realistic wrestling game, where you’re given an outcome before the match and scored based on how interesting you make that match, with penalties for injuring yourself or your opponent. I doubt the WWE would want their name associated with such a game, but it would be interesting to see what could be done with that kind of premise.

  • What’s embarrassing about being a Pro Wrestling fan? When people find out that I like it, they try to give me $hit, but I ignore them. It’s big, dumb fun, with hot chicks thrown in! What’s not to love! 😉

    As for this game, I can’t wait for it, have my pre-order in too. I don’t really like the Smackdown v’s Raw games, they try to be too realistic, I did however really like the Legends of Wrestlemania game, controls weren’t too complicated, just big, dumb fun 😉 I expect this game to be at least, if not more fun that that one!

    Let’s get ready to rumble!!!!!

  • : )
    At first glance, as far as i can tell, this is entirely reminiscent of Turkish Oil Wrestling: a lifestyle/religion i adopted during a working holiday in . . . of all places – Turkey.
    It is really quite similar in appearance, but, of course, participants wrestle in a more rural setting, upon a grassy field, etc and so forth; you know the score. The main thing is oil though.
    : (

  • Haven’t played a decent wrestling game in a long time, I tried the Smackdown Vs Raw games and I personally don’t like the realistic aspect of those games.

    This on the other hand sorta looks like they’re trying to accomplish the gameplay of the old-school WWF/WWE games on the N64 and PS1/PS2. So I’m willing to give this a try before I decide to purchase.

  • I really hope this game is good. I’ve been waiting to get a hold of this for a while now. I like the Smackdown vs Raw games too, but it is disappointing how similar each is without much improvement over the last couple years. The way the wrestlers interact with the tables and other objects still seems sloppy just like the PS2 versions.

    Lastly, I love wrestling too, no shame in that. When people say they don’t like it only because it’s fake, I wonder if they watch any TV or Movies…or read fiction.

  • THQ are awful with DLC’s for Playstation user’s and are always late for this console….Also THQ have no communication with Playstation what so ever……..So this demo if your on PS3 expect this later than the date said as THQ are always wrong when it comes to PS3 the last two DLC packs proved that with ease…..The game will probably be out before the demo for ps3 users

  • I had every iteration of wrestling game on the N64 starting with WCW vs NWO through to No Mercy. It was the same engine every time with new tweaks, graphics and rosters thrown in there, it worked every time.

    The gameplay was just so solid and when you landed a move it felt awesome. Something about the characters in the game felt “heavier” than SDvsRaw… whenever I’ve played Smackdown it’s just an airy character swinging away trying to smash those hitboxes… it sux. They keep trying to build on what was a shitty engine 8+ years ago.

    I tried the TNA game… was pretty sick but after you figured out what to do the matches got heaps boring becuase you could just do the same 12 moves and bam… match done.

    I’m MORE than hoping this game is on par with the N64 titles and not another piece of crap.

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