Xbox 360's 'New Disc Format' Is A 1GB Storage Boost

So, Microsoft is testing a "new disc format". The more fanciful of you are thinking that means "Blu-ray". The more sensible and well-connected are thinking it's something a little more realistic.

Tech gurus Digital Foundry claim that, according to "a highly placed development source", this new disc format is simply the same old Xbox 360 disc, albeit one with extra storage capacity.

Currently, a 7.95GB Xbox 360 disc can only have 6.8GB of game data on it, because there's an inaccessible partition on the disc itself that has stuff like anti-piracy measures behind it.

Digital Foundry's source reckons that the "new disc format" is simply the existing disc with this partition having "either been drastically reduced or omitted completely".

This would give 360 games a 15 per cent boost in storage, which in some cases may alleviate the increasing (and annoying) need for Xbox games to ship on multiple discs.

We've contacted Microsoft for comment, and will update if we hear back.

Source: Xbox new disc format gains 1GB [Digital Foundry]


    I was hoping for a digital solution, like games shipped on a flash drive instead of disc, that way you'd still have a case for those who like a full shelf.

      When I first skimmed your comment I read 'fish shapped disc'... That woulda been awesome.

    So M$ are removing their anti piracy measures? No more wave 2,3,4,5? Not likely. I suspect they have figured out a way to compress this down to open up the disc capacity which is a good thing if it makes it easier for devs to make games.

    Orient realize the unusable portion of the disc was so big. I'm sure well hear more once a hacker gets accepted to the beta program.

      Loving the morning phone typos FatShady (honestly!) - keep it up!

        I will continue as long as you notice. Damn this iPhone and a moving train. Either that or my spelling is just shite.

      indeed it seems unlikely that they have removed their anti piracy stuff.

      But realistically except for any part that helps them determine whether the game is a legit copy or not. it's all pointless.

      Pirates crack the games to the point the anti piracy measures are redundant, same with normal DVD's you could have some more on the disc if you stopped wasting it employing stuff that hasn't worked for a long time and probably never will on the format again

    lol. I'll stick with my PS3 and its 25 or 50 GB discs, thanks. :)

    Maybe this issue will push the 360 towards the end of the life cycle sooner than expected. In the last few years I've been going back to the Xbox less and less, only really for some Halo and Gears of War action. The killer was upgrading the home internet plan to ADSL 2+ so buying games digitally was no longer chore.

    I'll stick to my PC with a a couple of TB hard drives and a Steam account. Curse you Steam sales.

    Why does anyone get annoyed by multiple disks?

    Really changing disks is not so hard to do. If I can do it with a baby in my arms you can do it hands free!

      It certainly makes wireless technology redundant to have to get up to swap discs.

    I read somewhere that it was going to be DVD-18 dual sided DVD's.

    Has this been ruled out?

    Dual discs get me excited, it means more content, and that developers are at least attempting to find a way around the limitations of the xbox disc size. Plus it's not that difficult to swap a disc.

    i think the main reason they are pushing up the size of the data on the discs is so that it may stop the piracy

    at the moment, a ripped 360 game is about 7.5gb??? if they add another 1GB, it will push it out to 8.5gb, which would still fit on a DVD DL, but if it goes any further over that, your everyday home users wont be able to burn it as it will be pushing to the limits of the discs.

      The games already are 7.5gig if you rip it as an iso. The 6.8gig is the compressed size say if you donwload a game. When you rip games from the iso most games are only about 5 gigs or less. Not many games even use the full 6.8gig of data capacity.

    Read the article. With the current inaccessible partition the disk space is 6.8gb for game data. Doing this will open up the game data to 7.95gb.

    The actual amount of space on a disk won't change, it'll still be 7.95gb. It'll just be used in different ways.

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